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Dear Google Please don’t get me into trouble ;-)

31 Jan

Surely I jest… well maybe… maybe not…

One of the most popular search items that are leading people to my Blog involve our Ex-CM Kumaraswamy and someone called Radhika…every day WordPress lists at least 20-30 people who visit the blog using the following terms:

Radhika C M HDK
kumaraswamy radhika love
kumaraswamy radhika
kumaraswamy +radhika 2
kumaraswamy actress

I hope they find what they were hoping to find….

If you have not, please try the following link on Churumuri… Corruption Ok Massacres Ok Romance Not Ok (SCROLL DOWN TO FIND THE SECTION ON l’affaire Kumaraswamy)

Catch our Cricketers doing this…

29 Jan

The BBC Website carries the main reason why Adam Gilchrist decided to retire.

Australia wicket-keeper Adam Gilchrist says a dropped catch in the fourth and final Test against India convinced him to retire from international cricket.

Gilchrist, whose error meant VVS Laxman survived, said it dawned on him he should quit “somewhere between the ball hitting my gloves and the ground”.

Do you think any of our guys will do this? No way… they need to be prised out…

Are we paying them enough – Part 2

28 Jan

My previous post on salaries for defence personell drew comments from both sides of the fence. One of the most poignant ones came from the Wife of a Major.

Heres a post on Churumuri with a YouTube Video that raises the same question: When a Major gets less than a Real Estate Broker.

I have posted the Youtube Video below:

Courtesy: Al Jazeera, Churumuri

Indian Premier League – The Drama Begins

24 Jan

The Indian Premier League (IPL) handed out franchises today. Here are the winners:

1. Mumbai – Mukesh Ambani
2. Bangalore – Vijay Mallya
3. Kolkata – Shak Rukh Khan
4. Chennai – India Cements
5. Delhi – GMR Group
6. Chandigarh/Mohali – Preity Zinta/Wadia
7. Jaipur – An investors Consortium
8. Hyderabad – Deccan Chronicle

Big Bucks here folks. Mumbai team was bid for $112 Million, and Bangalore for $111.6 Million.

Now the auctioning of players have to begin. Shane Warne, Glen McGrath, Ponting, Sachin… the best of the best…

Wonder if Symonds and Harbajan can end up on the same team 😉

Being from Bangalore, I’m glad Vijay Mallya owns the team here. He always pays for and gets the best. Been quite a busy few months for him now that he owns a F1 team as well.

Heres my Bangalore Dream team:

Ricky Ponting – Captain, Rahul Dravid, Andrew Symonds, Dhoni, Kumble, Kevin Pieterson, Uthappa,Dale Steyn, Stuart Clark, Hayden,… and Shane Warne.

I can dream can’t I? Whose on your dream team?

UPDATE: Oh ya.. the TV rights are with Sony.. I hope they’ve fired the retards who were in charge of the world cup coverage. See some of the old articles here:

Can someone tell SET Max that their timing sucks?

Hey SET Max are you watching ESPN?

I hate the dancing tiger on SET Max

Only in East Europe

23 Jan

Someone forwarded these pictures to me. No insult meant to any East Europeans. Just pictures…enjoy

eeur1.jpg eeur2.jpg

eeur3.jpg eeur4.jpg

eeur5.jpg eeur6.jpg


Is the Transporters’ strike justified?

21 Jan

If anyones noticed, theres a transport strike on. No trucks, tempos and other vehicles are moving in the city. That probably explained why it was such a pleasure driving today.

The bone of contention here is a Government order that requires them to install speed governors in their vehicles. This has been done to essentially ensure that these guys dont speed inside city limits. They contend that private vehicles need to have governors as well and that they are being victimized.

This is like saying “We’ll drive the way we wan’t to. So what if a few accidents happen”. The government tried to introduce this last year, but the threat of a strike forced them to hold off. They reintroduced it now… and the same result. They should not budge. Trucks, Buses, and Taxis cause the most accidents.

The sad part is that several daily wagers lose their livelihood because of this strike.

Why do we need to “Inaugurate” everything?

19 Jan

Was in Delhi earlier this week and read a story about how locals went ahead and “declared open” a flyover that was completed but was waiting for some VIP to make time to inagurate it. This thing has been complete for months but not opened because none of our esteemed VIPs had the time. Ridiculous !!!

This mornings newspaper in Bangalore  has this news on “traffic diversions” to take since a flyover is being inaugurated.

Question is, why do we have a fascination for these inaugurations? Everything from a road to a public toilet needs to get inaugurated.

Why? It inconveniences the public, its a waste of money not to mention time.