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Gymming and Gymmers

31 Mar

Have been going to the Gym for the last 6 months now. It started as an exercise to get junior to go but instead I ended up being regular whereas Mr. Junior weaseled out on account of “a lot of work  to do in college..assignments etc…” which is basically an excuse for “I am too lazzzy…”.

Anyhow going to the gym has been a good experience. Not only do I get to work out but also do my favorite “observing” people thing…

The Young Turk – Comes 2 days at the beginning of the month and towards the end of the month. Runs a zillion km on the treadmill..doesn’t break a sweat..bloody jock !!!

The Wanderer – spends his time walking around in the gym making useless conversation..occasionally does some warmup

The former athlete – You can see that he was into some kind of minor sport at some time, he still has that swagger of time gone by..

The “I am going to be Married soon and need to lose weight” guy. Also called “I have an interview in 4 days and I need to lose 80 kilos”

The watcher – plonks himself at the workbench and watches other people exercise and hope he loses weight

The follower – Follows different people on different days and does the same exercises as them

Mr.Bean – Annoying feller who always is using the exercise machine that you want to. He watches what you are doing, knows where you want to go next and makes sure hes there… yesssss Mr. Bean is real.

Mirror Mirror – The guy who comes in and spends the first 10 minutes warming up in front of a mirror..occasionally checking biceps and tummy (one same and one increasing).

Which category am I?

Well…with all humility, I must say that I am one of those very few people who go to the gym and essentially exercise and ensure that I do none of the things above.


Budget 2012

16 Mar

Once again the people of this great nation have gathered around TV sets, Radios, Discos etc to watch our most honorific and respected Finance Minister present yet another budget for the common man (as I have mentioned before ALL budgets in India have been for the common man). As a member of the seventh estate, I am obliged to write about it (in addition to adding serious tags that will bring people to this site).


There is a great enthusiasm among people to:

1. Watch the Budget Live !!

2. Watch all the news programs simultaneously have “exclusive” interviews with the finance minister

3. Analyze ad-nauseum with friends and family

4. Read multiple newspapers the next day…

..all this for something they cannot control and will find out the next day anyway.

Here are my previous analysis (I seem to do one every two years)

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