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Bujjet Analysis

28 Feb

Bujjet is over..this time presented by Rt Honorable Pronob Mukerjee…the railbay bujjet also presented by Didi who kept telling opposition to “sut up and keep koit”…
TV Channels have gone beserk with their pre-analysis, live analysis, and post analysis (am glad this is done because I dont have to listen to these “experts” until next year)…I stopped watching news channels till the budget was over..

“Watching the bujjet” is a popular pastime with people who think they can make a difference by watching it..

Overall heres my analysis:

Some things went up..
Some things went down…
Some things stayed the same…

Ruling party loves budget…
Opposition hates budget…
Some parties have threatened to take to the streets..

NOTHING CHANGES YEAR ON YEAR…heres my take on the 2008 Budget

RVCE – Class of 1985

25 Feb

Heres an old picture from 1985. Pretty scary looking bunch.  LOOK AT THOSE HAIRCUTS !!!

 25th Anniversary get-together Aug 14/15.  Can’t Wait !!                                                                                                                

ME? Front Row Kneeling – 4th from Right.

The Hotelier’s Request

20 Feb

Well, my blog “retirement” lasted less than a month…here we go again…

Saar, I have one friend who would like some advise from you on getting a visa. So said “K”, an aquaintance.

“K” was a nice enough guy and had taken voluntary retirement from a public sector bank. Post retirement (at 40), I would often run into him at the local restaurant. The more I tried to avoid him the quicker he found me…anyway thats another story.

“No problems K” I said..pleased that all my foreign travel was appreciated by someone…

Now the friend who needed this advice was the owner of this restaurant. The guy owned a whole chain and was very successful.

So K takes me upstairs to this guy’s office. The room was gaudily decorated and had an idol of every God worth worshipping..carved rosewood furniture, multi colored lamps..the works…

So the initial introduction happens…some snacks are ordered..and the guy starts off..

“Saar, I know you are working with foreign company and are sponsoring peoples to go abroad..”

“Well..I…” I start to babble…its the first time I have heard of “sponsoring” people…

“Anyhow” he continues not waiting for me..”I want to go overseas and want your help”

“Well”, I counter…”Shouldnt be hard for you..after all you are a successful businessman”

“Illa sir…not the point..its very I need your help”..

Now K jumps in… “you see his passport has been impounded…theres a small police case…very minor..”

“Yes..yes..very minor”, the hotelier mumbled..

K continues..” Is it possible for him to get another passport through your company??..he can use another name”

Now I am looking to get out of here..the snacks that have been bought up dont seem tasty anymore….

“See sir”..say K.. “please use your influence…”

“ cant be done. Impossible…” I say

“At least can you apply for visa?” the hopeful K asks.

I am now officially ready to kill K.

“Its a very minor offence..” K says again and the hotelier nods vigourously..

“So what is the case?” I ask..half in jest..

“Well”..says K “..they have accused him of being an accomplice to a attempted murder…please look at him sir, does he look like anyone who can commit a murder?..”
I looked at him..”Of course he does” I say (on the inside)..

“Well, lets see” I said..using the age old Indian expression for “no f***ing way…”

I left his office and K accompanied me downstairs… “Its a very minor offence sir”…he said as I walked away not turning back…

I havent seen K since…maybe hes disappeared..someone committed a minor offence on him perhaps?