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I Judge and I Admire

29 Sep

Chitra tagged me a while ago. It took a while to do but here it is….

I judge:

1. People who criticize behind ones back.

2. Armchair Quarterbacks.

3. Any kind of Sychophancy.

3. People who treat hired help (drivers, maids etc) badly.

5. People who play LOUD music in their cars just to “impress” people on the outside.

6. People with loudly painted cars with customized fenders and unnecessary accessories.

7. Religious Zealots.

8. People who think Reservation is a birthright.

9. People who “employ” children at home for domestic help.

10. Telemarketers 😦

I admire:

1. My mom’s tenacity. She lost her mother when she was 6 years old. Yet she got herself (yes self made) a good education, and raised a great family (ya ya including me)

2. People who have given up everything in life to serve the less fortunate.

3. Naryana Murthy of Infosys. Whatever you say, he made himself and several others millionaires.

4. A comedy that does not need you to think or analyse and is yet funny. Like the 3 Stooges.

5. School Teachers. They provide the foundation. My dream is that someday teaching will become fashionable again.

6. People who can keep a straight face when they know they are being lied to. Most times I cannot hide my disgust.

What the ….? – Sep 28

28 Sep

Rahul Gandhi is the new Cong Honcho… time for Manny Singh to formulate a retirement plan. The seat is warm enough…

One of the Congress sycophants.. I think it was Sanghvi.. compared Rahul Gandhi’s appointment to India winning the T20 cup. What the ****?

Sahara is presenting all the Indian players with houses… man they must be in bad shape.. nobody buying from them?

All the State Govts presented their players with 5 Lakhs each.. Haryana got its count wrong and presented Rohit  Joginder Sharma with 21 Lakhs… the guy is lucky… if Misbah’s shot had succeeded he would have been Lynched.

Harbajan needs to pay the team 5 Lakhs for the 3 sixes he gave up…by the way did anyone notice that Bhajji didnt get a reward from his state govt? 😦

The BCCI morons and politicians took “front seats” at the ceremony to honor the Indian team…the excuse was that they didn’t have time to build a bigger stage…talk about IDIOTS..

Hockey players have threatened to go on a fast… come to think of it, the Hockey Federation is managed by bigger Morons than BCCI… Latest update.. the Karnataka CM has been informed that theres a game called Hockey and has announced cash prizes

Reliance Fresh has laid off over 800 employees because the UP Govt closed down their stores…so much for job creation.

Cushy Job = Contentment?

26 Sep

Treading on thin ice here…

One of the characters that I talked about in my Vijaya High Chronicles is Shetty of the Churumuri Gaadi fame (see Vijaya High Chronicles – Lunch Breaks). Now he has been bringing his cart in front of the school during lunchtime for over 30 years. Probably More. Come evenings he is in front of R.V Teachers College (2nd Block Jayanagar) selling idlis. Needless to say he is very popular and has a loyal customer base.

Which begged the question from Mukund (my senior at VHS).

“how they are able to do the same job for last 30 to 40 years-but still smiling -contradictory to many professionals”

So what is the reason? Contentment and Satisfaction? Lack of Ambition? (not saying this is bad), Lack of Opportunities?

On the other hand we have our new age professionals making money hand over fist. Yet they always keep looking for the next big thing.

So Why????

T-20 Champs. Armchair ciritcs are drooling

25 Sep

Now that India has won the T20 championship the TV channels and their “experts” are slobbering all over the Indian team. Two weeks ago, most experts didn’t give them a chance (neither did I), and Dhoni was a “stand-in” captain. Today, his “calm, collective” presence are being toasted across the country.

I’ll give Dhoni that. He does appear unflappable under any circumstance. Good for Indian Cricket.

The Aussies are here next…I just hope our learned critics will not start predicting doomsday as soon as something goes wrong…

There HAS to be a “What the ****” element here.

India won.. that is great.. celebrate it. But why would someone want to go in front of the players house and dance?

Vijaya High Chronicles

21 Sep

Finally…. about time

Check out The Marks Part 2 in the VHS Chronicles.

Leave Him Alone

16 Sep

So Dravid resigns and all our TV Channels go crazy trying to find out the actual reason.

Is it because of politics?

Is it because of pressure?

Is it because of his wife/father/neighbor/milkman/vegetable vendor? (ok I made that up.. but it gets as ridiculous)

Suddenly we hear things like “The Wall has cracked” etc etc…

I am sure theres a good reason for what hes done and we may never find out. Why should we? Its personal reasons. The only thing that rankles me is the way the press treats it.

When Sachin quit as captain some time ago, all of them hemmed and hawed and said he was so correct in doing it because he can concentrate on his batting. The fact that he was not a good captain escaped everybody. Now when Dravid quits, no one takes into account that maybe he just wants to be a batsman… oh sorry I forgot hes not from Mumbai.

Ian Chappell said it best.. “Dravid decided to leave on a high…”.. the only problem is that if India hits a new low under the new captain, Dravid will be blamed as well…

Passing the Muck

11 Sep

Once every month this BWSSB truck comes in and cleans out the septic tanks in the area. All the dirt and the grime are cleaned out and put on the road in a heap. It is then the work of the BMP cleaners to clear that mess. This has led to many showdowns between the two, the latest being this morning when the two almost came to blows.

In the battle, the people living and more importantly walking along the road need to bear the brunt of the stink.

The BMP workers charge people Rs. 50 for clearing the debris in front of their house. They say its the BWSSB’s job to do it.

P.S: Thanks to Vinay for suggesting the name change to this post. It was previously titled Passing the Buck