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“Teacher he copying me teacher”

25 Mar

Kumaranna is pissed. Says that Rahul Gandhi is copying his “ishtyle” of going and staying in villages.

To quote:

“When I stated the programme, Congress leaders critisised the programme. At last they realised that Grama Vastavya programme is necessary for the party to get votes from the common people. That is why they requested Rahul Gandhi to stay in a rural house.”

To which Kharge a senior congress leader said “What you talking man.. he and his father tell we are copying evverything.. waaat naaansense”.

This is how the programme worked. You select a village. You then select a family there that is broke and in despair. You then tell them the CM is visiting, ask them to vacate their house for a night so that the CM can stay there. As part of the deal you throw some money at them. The press follow singing praises. They were put up in the guest rooms.

Next day everyone left and life returned to hopelesss normalcy for the poor villager.

Why do we need to “Inaugurate” everything?

19 Jan

Was in Delhi earlier this week and read a story about how locals went ahead and “declared open” a flyover that was completed but was waiting for some VIP to make time to inagurate it. This thing has been complete for months but not opened because none of our esteemed VIPs had the time. Ridiculous !!!

This mornings newspaper in Bangalore  has this news on “traffic diversions” to take since a flyover is being inaugurated.

Question is, why do we have a fascination for these inaugurations? Everything from a road to a public toilet needs to get inaugurated.

Why? It inconveniences the public, its a waste of money not to mention time.

Morons (er Umpires) in Action at Sydney

6 Jan

If you are watching the umpiring in the Sydney Test you must be wondering what those retards called umpires are smoking. Bucknor and Benson must be on some very heavy duty stuff. The idiots are actually consulting the Australian captain instead of the third umpire.

Australia is playing with 17 Players

  • 4 Extra Players if you count Symonds was given not out Thrice and their Captain getting an umpire’s life !!
  • The Two Umpires.

Match Fixing Anyone?

If Australia do indeed win.. it will be a hollow win.

Of all the commentators, Sunil Gavaskar is the only one who has come out and spoken against all this. People like Harsha Bogale are being politically correct… Mr. Nice Guys

Let the barking begin

29 Nov

“I hate him. I like him. We want him. We don’t want him.” Yes my friends, India is likely to have a new coach.

Apparently Gary Kirsten has been appointed. I hear theres a queue outside the TV stations with former cricketers from all over the world wanting to air their views. Mild lathi charge has been resorted to.

For their part the media is digging up all the dirt on the guy. Some even have access to his dairy which apparently has negative references to India. Some like him,some don’t. Others feel they must have gotten the chance, while some others feel that Indians don’t get the job because they don’t use Fair and Lovely.

In all this, the alleged incumbent hasn’t accepted the job yet. I wonder if we will have another “Ford Like” incident.

In the meantime, heres a suggestion, why can’t we look at Yediurappa as the coach? Lets give him some post. Looks like no one wants the BCCI job. He can be coach for 20 months 😉

Low Lower Lowest

20 Nov

So finally the JDS pulled the rug from under the BJP. I wonder what goes through Gowda’s mind? How low can he stoop.

Anyway heres some cliches that we can attribute to Yeddy:

1. So near and yet so…

2. Many a slip between the cup and…

3. Anthu inthu Kunthi makkalige rajya illa

Apparently the discord arose when each party wanted the rights to the mines in Bellary. In other words they wanted first rights to pillage. The fact that this is being discussed openly shows how morally bereft they are.

It is interesting that in a democracy, the people have no say and they have to sit and watch these comedians in action.

Churumuri carried a post yesterday which begged the question whether Karnataka was the Bihar of the south... or should it be the other way around?

Maybe the excuse will be “Sorry.. I am only used to taking and not giving…”

How do you pronounce Yediyurappa?

13 Nov

So we have a new CM. The news anchors are having a hell of a time pronouncing his name.

Rajdeep Sardesai of CNN/IBN pronounced the name as “Yedderurappa”

Other pronunciations include:

Yedererappa, Yedvarappa, Yedoooreppa… one news reader on a Hindi channel got so “tripped up” that he stumbled through the rest of his story…

I am amazed that they don’t take the time to find out how a name is pronounced before they go on National TV.

Games People (and Politicians) Play

30 Oct

So now JD(S) wants to kiss and make up with the BJP. All of a sudden Kumaranna has changed colors and said that the Congress is the real enemy.

PaPPa Gowda apparently has given his blessing for Phase 2 of the drama. Fortunately the “vanavAsa” drama of last time is not being enacted. He has no problem allying with non-secular forces when it comes to power. Apparently S.M. Krishna is trying to split the JDS… Now where did SMK come from all of a sudden?

Venkiah Naidu of the BJP who had earlier called the JD(S) action of not transferring power the “biggest betrayal” now is lauding the JD(S)..

But wait…

Mr. M.P.Prakash the “trusted aide” now wants power and is becoming a “kabab me haddi”. The only problem is that he only has the support of 3 and a half MLAs. Apparently one of them left his brains in the Kumaraswamy camp.

The Saga continues…

A drama is being played out in the Cricket World as well… Vengsarkar who seems to have been born with his foot in his mouth is of the opinion that Dravid does not add value to the One-Day team. Oh ya? and Sehwag does?

Anil and Mukesh Ambani’s “fight” has made it to the Forbes list (didnt know Forbes had a list that categorized family feuds)… If I was worth $60 Billion, I would never fight with my brother (yes Aditya you are safe).. actually I would not fight with anybody 😉