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Beware !! “Stupid Parent on Board”

31 Jul

Been meaning to blog this one.

I have seen stickers that say “Baby on Board”… maybe we should make some that say “Stupid Parent on Board” as well.

Last week a friend of  mine was knocked over by a car that suddenly veered into him while he was waiting to cross the road. The reason? The driver of the car had a child on his lap. The kid suddenly pulled at the steering wheel causing the car to go off track. The guy’s excuse.. “I only do it on quiet roads”… my friend is fine except for a few bruises…
I have seen so many people driving around with Children at the wheel and the only word that comes to mind is STUPID. Its such a grave risk to everyone including themselves.

Can’t blame the kids though… for them its fun… and NO I have never done that.

Let the games begin… And End

30 Jul

Haneef is back. The poor guy was victimized…

However the drama now begins. Our politicians and media will be tripping over each other to do some serious “Thippe Saarsing”.

1. The media will have a field day. Every channel will have an “Exclusive” with Haneef (I often wonder how an interview could be exclusive if 3 channels carry it).  I heard that the neighbours have started to offer “bed and breakfast” services to the media 😉

2. The “tone” of the family will change from “The Australians treated him well” to “They mentally tortured him”.

3. A film will be made starring Salmaan Khan.This will win an award at one of the three hundred award ceremonies.

4. An offer will be made to Haneef to enter politics.

5. Our CM has offered him a job. He will meet him soon… boy if this is not playing to the vote banks, I dont know what is.

Then suddenly everyone will forget about Haneef and focus on the next big story.

Goon Names

25 Jul

Seems to be poster season again.

I increasingly see these pictures pasted along roads of local politicians and their goons.

The police must be having an easy time because now they dont have to go back to the station for pictures. They find them plastered all over the place.

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Some interesting names crop up whenever I read crime columns which set me reminiscing about names we knew about while growing up. I took the extra liberty to put literal English translations next to the names that needed it 😉

Hebbetu Manja – Thumb Manja

Yenne Seena – Oil Seena or Whiskey Seena (depends on your definition of “Yenne”)

Bomb Naga

Seeme-Yenne Ramappa – Kerosine Oil Ramappa

Istri Gaadi Venka – Ironing Vehicle Venka

Macche Baabu – “Spot on Skin” Baabu

Tinker Ismail

Mamsa Angadi Raaja – Butcher Shop Raaja

Mosaru Ranga – Curds/Yogurt Ranga

Theres many more.. but these are what I can think of for now. If anyone has more names, please contribute and I will include them in the main post.

Thinking of interesting nicknames, we had a guy in College who was nicknamed “Sagani” (cow shit).We always wondered whether that name would “Stick” with him in his professional life as well (pun intended).


MP’s Contribution:

Spot Naga
Korangu Krishna – Monkey Krishna (cross over from a neighboring state!)
Kothi Manja – Monkey Manja
Bekkina Kannu Rajendra – Cat Eyes Rajendra

From Vinay: 

Jelly Venkatesh – Ballast Venkatesh

GiNi – Parrot

Parodi Babu – Gangster Babu

Acid Raja

Koli Fayaz – Chicken Fayaz

End of an Era

22 Jul

The last 5 years have seen a class act at Rashtapathi Bhavan. President Kalam has been one of the best Presidents the country has ever had (if not the best).

Now with the new President Ms.PP (no pun intended), it looks like its back to the old days of sycophancy where the sole duty of the President is to be a rubber stamp.

Thanks President Kalam for the last 5 years. You showed class is possible even in an office that is ornamental. You touched the hearts of the people. A true peoples President. I am sure a lot more people will benefit from you in the future as well.


21 Jul

I am not a photographer (don’t even pretend to be one). Thanks to my Mobile, I snap interesting pictures that I see…. could be humorous, thought provoking, or stupidity in action.

Heres a couple:


This “Great Man” is busy answering his Mobile Phone. Good news is that he is not driving. Bad news is that the rest of the people are. He has plonked himself at the median of one of the busiest streets and is unaware that he has put himself in danger and is clogging up traffic.


One of the sights that I come across on my walks is this woman cooking on the sidewalk (presumably for her family). She has all her ingredients arranged neatly and cleans up the place before she leaves.

20 Jul


A group of very focussed people led by Pranav aka Silkboard et al have started a great site called

They have invited me to post as well (ok.. ok.. there is a shortage of quality people) . I will be posting on Praja as well as Bangalore Blues. Please check out the blogs, forums at

It is meant to be a sounding board for Citizens of Bangalore initially but eventually the entire country. To use Pranav’s words: aims to be a bridge between those who serve us and those amongst us who care and want to participate. Towards that, it aims to establish an Internet driven community to help make the connection at local levels. It wants to be a networking platform for active and concerned citizens of Bangalore.

Thats until they kick me out for ranting too much 😉

Interesting Coincidence

20 Jul

I was in Chennai on Wednesday. Hired a car for the day from Akbar Travels. The guy at the desk was named Amar.

.. and our driver’s name … Anthony…

Get it? Amar, Akbar, Anthony?

Silly I know.. but I thought that was an interesting one… 🙂

UPDATE: As Ramesh points out in his comment below:

and your name is Vijay……the most popular screen name of AB……excuse me pleeease!!!!!!