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Vijaya High Chronicles – Brothers and Sisters “At Large”

29 Jun

Guest post by Prof. Bellave Shivaram

Almost everyone has a brother or a sister.  Some brothers and sisters may even overlap in school if the age difference is not too large.  My brother and I overlapped at VHS for two years.  I can also recall two twins in the same section who were in the year senior class and also a cousin brother pair.  There might have been others, a brother and sister pair or a sister and sister pair but I was not aware of any of those. In our case, I knew who most of my brother’s friends were and he certainly knew my friends – but it was a mutually exclusive arrangement.  He did not hang around with us and I knew his friends as mere acquaintances.  But I like to touch upon a different sort of relationship not mentioned above – I am talking about the invisible brothers (and sisters) we all have.  Let me explain.

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The Hall Ticket

16 Feb

Events evoke memories. Nikhil’s preparation for his tenth board exams took me back to a time when I almost didn’t make it to mine.

Hall tickets were given. Like all my other friends, I took the hall ticket to the local Ganesha Temple where the priest “blessed” was then bought back home and mom checked every detail on the thing to make sure it was okay. The name, date of birth etc etc…

“Its very important” she said.. “the name had to be correct”

“Oh well” said dad.. “If its printed wrong, we’ll just change his name”

Fortunately everything was okay. During my younger days, my name frequently got changed to “Vijaya”.. that extra “a” turned it into a girl’s name.. so I was glad that the name was right.

After the initial euphoria, the hall ticket was kept in a “Safe Place”.

The concept of a “safe place” has been immortalized in houses round the world…. It generally means “never to be found again”…

The day before the exams, there was a suggestion to “tape” the hall ticket to my exam pad. But wait a minute… where was the hall ticket?? !!!!!

No one knew..not mom, of course not dad..not Aditya (he was 4 years old at that time)…everyone was a suspect…we looked everywhere, the house, the neighbourhood garbage pile (thinking maid had thrown it)…no luck !!!

So, the day before my tenths, I am not sure whether I will be allowed to take the exam. Not the sort of mood you want to be in when you are going to be writing (at that point in time), one of the most important exams of your life. Getting a duplicate was out of the question.

Next day, mom went with me to Chandrashekariah’s (KSC, the HM) office. After some discussions (and KSC berating me for not taking care of things), it was decided that he would accompany me to the exam hall every day and tell the external examiner that I was to be allowed to write the exams.

So, the rest of the exams went that way. I’d go and wait outside KSC’s office, he’d come out 10 minutes before the exams stated and led me to the room. He never forgot to wish me luck.

As for the hall ticket….thats still a mystery…
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4 Sep

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Motivator Par Excellence

20 Aug

As I struggle to keep my son motivated for his tenth exams, I cannot but think of K.S.Chandrashekariah.

K.S.C was the Headmaster of Vijaya High School. Every day at the morning assembly he’d launch into this lecture about studies, study habits. In the beginning the lectures seemed long drawn and boring… sitting in the quadrangle under the morning sun.. but soon it would “Eat” its way into you… he’d almost be in raptures talking about success stories and how discipline helped in the long run. I still remember him on the podium in the class.. all the time extolling us with the virtues of good study habits.

By the time we were in 10th grade, it was cool to be a “kudumi” (bookworm). The dedication and passion are somehow missing from teachers of this era.

We need more Chandrashekariahs….

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2 Dec

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15 Oct

National High School was always the yardstick by which we used to measure our school. How many ranks did NHS get? How good is their TT team?(it was always muchhhhh better). Personally the one thing that always rankled me was… LET OFFS…

National High School always had more “Let Offs”… for those of you who do not know what it is… its where a teacher (or teachers) decide not to teach a session at the end of the day resulting in the school getting over early. All my friends a NHS used to rub this in… at VHS we NEVER had let offs (damn !!!!).

This affected me in many ways:

1. The guys would start playing earlier. By the time I got home the game of cricket was usually underway and I was made to wait a while before I got in.

2. Table Tennis at MNK Park… the NHS guys would come in and hog all the tables.. by the time we got there there was a huge queue of guys who had already “reserved” their place…to explain a bit.. there were two tables at MNK. The “A” table (for the really good guys) and the “B” table for grunts like me. When you entered the hall, you mark your place by uttering the words “I saw you”.. to the guys who were currently playing. Your turn would be just before their “next” turn.. then you would join the end of the line (literally) by plunking yourself on a bench.. this bench was like an assembly machine.. people moved closer and closer to the table until it was their turn… My life’s ambition was to turn up earlier than the NHS guys.. could NEVER manage it…

So to get even, one day I bunked an entire afternoon of school to get there early…only to find the bloody place closed for repairs 😦

So much for keeping up with the “Joneses”

Vijaya High Chronicles

21 Sep

Finally…. about time

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