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An Honor

7 Oct

Ramakrishna Bellur who should actually be following in R.K. Laxman’s footsteps does me the honor of a cartoon to celebrate my 400th post.

Heres a link to the Cartoon. Check out his blog for more.

Whats next folks? Sarees for men?

24 Sep

Apparently Skirts for men were the new thing at the India Coutre Week (link courtesy CNN/IBN ).

Whats next Sarees?

I’d like to see him walk down Brigade Road in this outfit…

UPDATE: As Mytri points out in her comments below, there was a time when Sarees were worn by men.. ayyo ayyo ayyo !!!!

Weekend “Out”

8 Sep

Couple of weeks ago, the wifey announced that she was going to go to Pune for the weekend to attend a function. High Fives were exchanged between Junior and I prompting the missus to almost cancel the trip and saying something to the effect that “You guys can’t wait to see the back of me”…. after that we toned down our celebrations…. A whole weekend of eating out, getting up late etc etc….

The trip was on this past Saturday and Sunday. But then on Friday, junior caught a cold and ended up with temparature for most of the weekend. So much for enjoying…

Anyhow we did manage a solitary outing. In one of my earlier posts Vinay had mentioned this tiny eatery in Jayanagar 4T Block that made great Khali Dose. We went there and were not disappointed. Pictures below:

Its a small place. A real Hole in the Wall. Seen inside in jeans is Junior wolfing down his breakfast.

Khali Dose – Nice and Fluffy

UPDATE: Location below (Name of the place is SLV)

Will They Wont They???

8 Jul

… the episodes are more “gripping” than a Hindi Soap. There are more characters here… the Karats, Yechuris, Rajas, Bardhans and several other comedians…

Theres Manmohan the Hero in Distress being bolstered by his Heroine Soniaji…. plus old villanous uncles like Mulayam/Amar Singh and Deve Gowda (with his 2.5 seats) now are coming back into the family and want to sing songs with Manny the Man.

In all this the hero is currently in Japan waiting to sing a song with Bush against the backdrop of Mount Fuji.

Meanwhile the former friends keep threatening… “We’ll withdraw today.. tomorrow”… “We’ll withdraw if Manny goes to the G8 Summit”… “We’ll withdraw if he wears a red underwear”… etc etc…

But till now.. countless politburo meetings later… they are still threatening…getting off the gravy train will not be easy. Where else can they have power without any responsibility…

Latest news is our own “Sin of the Soil” wants to tango…. way to go !!!!

June 25, 2033 – Where will you be?

26 Jun

I am tired of the question “Where were you on June 25th 1983?”… it was a day when India won its one and only world cup. 25 years later we are still celebrating it. Dont get me wrong.. I think it was a great victory.. but its getting a bit tiresome… In the meantime Australia has won 3. The BCCI keeps milking this event…

So I take you to the future.. June 25 2033…

India is celebrating the 50th year of its winning its one and only world cup. Octogenerian Sunil Gavaskar can still play with the young turks and said he wished another Indian team would win the world cup soon. He was tired of going to the same old felicitation ceremony over and over and over again.

Former India captain M.S Dhoni regretted that the Indian team could not win the 50 over world cup. They had won every other title 20/20, 10/10, 5/5, and the One over dhamaka (1/1). He hoped Dhoni Jr would have better luck.

Modi the commissioner of the IPL and the newly formed under 10 league said that there was a lot of talent in India. He cited the 1 year old prodigy Babloo. “We have the talent. We just have to win” he said.

Kapil who leads the rebel tiny tots league said that he still feels proud that he was the only captain to lead india to a world cup win. “There is no answer to me (Kapil kaa Jawab Nahin)” he said. He said “I always have a feeling ki that we will win every tournaement we that play in.. but we are not giving the 100% effort like my boys in 1983”.

190 year old Lele who was the BCCI Secy when India won the world cup said that he would definitely be around when the guys won the world cup the next time.

Kirmani still felt that India was not winning because none of the Wicketkeepers came to him for advise.

Rajdeep Sardesai the veteran’s veteran of news anchor wondered if reservations introduced in the team had affected our perfomances. “After all a 30% reservation for upper castes sends the wrong signals” he said.
 Kris Srkkkant the Brand Ambassador for the “Chennai Sooper Children” (under 10 league) said “WellIdontthinkreservationsarebad….  therearenobadreservationsonlybadreservers..gasp..gasp”.

Mohinder Amarnath was still on his way to the function…he was looking for that red hanky…

All players were sure that they will be back in 2083 for the 100th Anniversary celebrations of India winning the world cup.

Any Homework?

9 Jun

Sunday Evening

Me (To Nikhil): Any Homework?
N: No..
Me: Any Notes to be completed? Any sums to be done?… anything?
N: No. No. No
Me: Sure?
N: Dont worry dad.. I am all up to date.

Monday Morning

N (Whispers urgently): Dad.. come here please !!!
Me: What?
N: I need the prose version of this poem.. please help me
N: Shhhh.. don’t want mom to hear…
N: Please..please…please… jumping and turning like a dog following its tail..
Me: No Way !!! Go back to studying…
N: ok.. (but just in case leaves a paper and pencil in front of me).

I write it…the wife keeps saying hes getting spoilt because of me…

Is he? Please do tell.

I have won !!!!

6 Jun

Dear Readers,

I have won the lottery. What else can I say.. I am so ecstatic. I got a mail on my gmail account telling me that I was a winner. What makes it even more special is that its from the U.K NATIONAL LOTTERY HEADQUARTERS. It must be some “poorva janmada punya” (previous life’s good deed) that has made them choose me.

Life for me will be the usual and you will not see any drastic changes. Please see the copies of the letter below:


I have also prepared an acceptance letter addressed to “Helen Anderson” the person who sent me this wonderful mail.

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