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Good Food but …..

21 Dec

When you go to a restaurant hell bent on eating a specific kind of food and then you end up eating something else…no matter how good the food is, its still not the same.

Heres what happened…

Over the past few months there were signs that “Eden Park” was opening near the office. That was exciting news as they are known for their super Andhra food. Check out the reviews here.

Last weekend they finally opened. Today we trooped down there (its walkable) all set to eat Andhra food and the wonderful pachadis that Eden Park serves, only to find that its the same Eden Park alright but NO ANDHRA FOOD…

“Its Fine Dining Sir we have three restaurants here, North Indian, Chinese and Kababs..” the steward told us..

That was a bummer..we had the North Indian (mainly because we didnt feel like walking to another place), but all along we were only thinking of the food we didn’t have…

Food was good, Price was high, but sadly it wasn’t what we wanted….

One more lunch wasted !!!

Whats up Doc?

15 Dec

Disclaimer: If you are a doctor and you are not like this, then this article isnt about you…

Has anyone noticed that simple visits to the doctor just dont exist anymore. Back in the old days, you’d have a cough or a cold, you’d visit the doctor who would tell you to take a few medicines and get some rest.

Not anymore.

Old Visits

Doctor: Why son..cannot do without seeing me aa? So what is wraang?

Patient: I have temparature, cough, cold….

Doctor: All your imagination I say..just take these tablets and you will be ready for school on Monday.

Patient: Damn You Doctor (on the inside). (Outwardly) Thank You.


Doctor: Why I say..what is the problem?

Patient: I have temparature, cough, cold…

Doctor: Tch, Tch..we really need to get you tested… ok heres a set of tests I need you to get done. First do a blood test at XXX Clinical Lab, next get your stools tested (and while you are at it take mine as well.. ok ok..I kid). Next we need to get an MRI done and then lets get a chest X-Ray. After that lets get a Scan done as well. You will need to get the scan done at this center only. Please dont go anywhere else. In the meantime take this medicine and you should be okay.

Patient: Sure !@#$$%^$ (on the inside). (Outwardly) Thank You.

UPDATE: Cost of Scans Rs. 10,000. Doctors fees: Rs. 200 (so cheap..well of course it is cheap, not counting the cut they receive from the labs.

Few days later..

Doctor: Absolutely perfect I say..nothing wrong with you.. I also see that theres no more temparature..looks like the Crocin I gave you worked..

Somewhere I get the feeling that going to a clinic these days is the same as going to a mechanic. I’ve never been to a mechanic who sees my car and says everything is all right.. it always needs something done.

A Picture is worth two and a half words…

8 Dec

While I am still suffering from Bloggers Block (also called “Who cares about what I write” Syndrome), I am thankful to my mobile phone and people who provide these wonderful photo opportunities…

While we are on the subject, check out this blog. A wonderful parody on twitter.

In the meantime here are the pictures.. I leave it up to you, oh “intelligent” reader to see the goof-ups.

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