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When Communists Retire at age 300

31 Mar

Jyoti Basu and Harkishen Singh Surjeet will retire.  Apparently they have crossed the retirement age of 300+ thats been setup by the party. They are all set to waddle off into the sunset.

Now mind you the party still has to “accept” the retirements.

Its now time for the youth wing of the party led by people like the 70+ year old Bardhan and the 75+ year old Somnath Chatterjee to take over the mantle.

The much younger Seetaram Ka(Ye)chury will be in charge of the diaper brigade.

Secret of a long life: Become a politician.

Secret of a longer life: Become a politician with the Communist Party.

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When Humor crosses limits

28 Mar

In their quest for ratings, Radio and TV stations resort to spoofs and pranks on the unsuspecting public.

Heres an example. Theres a station that calls itself Big 92.7 FM in Bangalore. They have this guy calling people with random comments like… “I have someone here who say you stole a dog” or “I called you to find out what you have done for your country”…. stupid things like this… Theres on RJ “Deepu” who has this thing called “No Tension”…

In addition he is rude… I am amazed that people actually like it.. maybe its a generation thing… Its just a matter of time before he makes one of his calls to someone who will then come over to the station and toink him.

Humor is good but not at the expense of someone else. I’d like to see how this moron reacts to someone calling him up and talking in a boorish manner..

I hope his bosses realize that for every stupid call, they are losing listeners… and sponsors…

I have seen TV channels pull stupid stunts on unsuspecting people.. I am sure they can be more creative and less offensive…

You might say its humor but its not. Not when you try to make fools of people. Come on 92.7 BE CREATIVE !!!

“Teacher he copying me teacher”

25 Mar

Kumaranna is pissed. Says that Rahul Gandhi is copying his “ishtyle” of going and staying in villages.

To quote:

“When I stated the programme, Congress leaders critisised the programme. At last they realised that Grama Vastavya programme is necessary for the party to get votes from the common people. That is why they requested Rahul Gandhi to stay in a rural house.”

To which Kharge a senior congress leader said “What you talking man.. he and his father tell we are copying evverything.. waaat naaansense”.

This is how the programme worked. You select a village. You then select a family there that is broke and in despair. You then tell them the CM is visiting, ask them to vacate their house for a night so that the CM can stay there. As part of the deal you throw some money at them. The press follow singing praises. They were put up in the guest rooms.

Next day everyone left and life returned to hopelesss normalcy for the poor villager.

China Pictures

25 Mar

Back from my trip of Shenzhen. As I mentioned, I was really impressed with the infrastructure especially the roads and the highways. As with all places, there are “not so good” places as well. Anyway here are the pictures:

Shenzhen Skyline

skyline1.jpg skyline2.jpg skyline3.jpg



Theme Park – Window of the World

wow1.jpg wow2.jpg wow3.jpg wow4.jpg

Shopping District

shopping1.jpg shopping2.jpg 

Injun Restaurant (really really Bad. We were the only customers)


Finally.. there are some Bad Places

shanty1.jpg shanty2.jpg

Blackberry Services in danger

24 Mar

Heres another example of the Government regulator doing what its NOT supposed to do (be a pain in the ass). Apparently they have warned Research In Motion (RIM) the company that provides the Blackberry service (and the operators) to “Put a Security system in place“.

Looks like their main bone of contention is that the service’s mail servers are in Canada. So why do they care where the mail server is? Do they want to spy on us?

So if thats the case, I should stop using Google Mail as well?

Saar Taxi Saar??

24 Mar

I am back in good old Bengalooru… back to the real world….

Flight arrived at 9:30 PM from Bangkok, 11 PM by the time we got our luggage…. one NRI complaining that “At Saan Fraan Airport things are much more arganized” (I do feel for him, he was travelling with two bawling kids).

Good to be back home 🙂

Love it here !!!

Hello from China

21 Mar

In Shenzen on a visit. Really impressed with the infrastructure here. Roads and highways are light years ahead. India is competing with China. . we have a LOT of catching up to do.