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Bangalore Dug Up

27 Apr

I’m resigned to the fate that I will not see a “non dug up” version of Bangalore in my lifetime…

The digging started when we were growing up…that was to lay the Cauvery pipeline..

Next came the flyovers and the ring roads…

Next came repairs to the flyovers and ring roads because once they were built the geniuses who designed it realized they were headed in the wrong direction..

Then there have been these excellent and super efficient oversized concrete coffins that are passing off as underpasses

Now theres the metro that has basically taken the city landscape and torn it apart…environmentalists created a hue and cry about trees being felled..but with time they seem to have gotten quiet…in addition people were uprooted from their houses…

Now I hear that there is an elevated monorail system that is coming the monorail people are all set to take over from the metro guys…

…oh ya and theres a “signal free” road being looked at from MG Road to the new Airport…

Progress is inevitable..but progress without planning and without any moves to protect the ecosystem is criminal…

As one elderly gentleman who lost his house to the metro in Indranagar said..”I have to pay because of their (govts) bad planning..just because they gave me compensation it doesnt make it ok”.

IPL Haiku

19 Apr

IPL is hosed
modi screwed up on twitter
tharoor gone home now

Tax men after him
modi’s done for the summer
now find nother scam

P.S: Doesnt meet all the rules..but then neither did the IPL…

Mysooru Mallige

19 Apr

Picture tells a thousand words. Wish I could “attach” the scent as well

Glad thats over..whew !!!!

12 Apr

Sania Mirza…Thank Goodness that this wedding is over… now the TV channels must find something else to do…someone else to interrogate..some other scandal to break.

Or maybe they can focus on real issues…now won’t that be a change??

For a fortnight we’ve been subject to reports, discussions,analysis etc on whos right, whos wrong, whos the husband, whats Sania’s ranking? etc

Even here Sania doesnt seem destined to get top ranking…apparently she will always be known as Biwi number 2.

On a final note…now that the wedding is done, ensure that Shoiab gets his passport back and he leaves (along with his entourage)…hope that they have a happy married life… IN DUBAI !!!!

On a parting note.. Nikhil always used to say that there were two headlines that were common with Sania Mirza:

1. Sania storms into 2nd Round

2. Sania crashes out of 2nd Round

Better luck this time…hopefully