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Ciriket Diplomacy

29 Mar

Okay..time to put a silly post together again… has been a while since I posted, SO I DESERVE AN IDIOTIC POST !!!

With India and Pakistan playing each other in the World Cup Semis, our “fearless leaders” have “in the spirit of the occasion” decided to invite their “fearless” counterparts from across the border. They have already pooh poohed the fact that they will be talking business here. “Its purely phor the enzaayment of the game” they say.
As if the cops didn’t have enough to do, every Tom, Dick, and Tiwari are attending..anyone who can afford it I guess. Last rumors were that tickets in the VIP area were going for Rs. 3 Lakh.

In fact its a good thing that they wont be talking shop. If they did, heres what the conversations between the two PMs would be like:

India: Is Dawood in Pakistan?
Pak: Well..we dont know..maybe maybe not…
India: What is it..yes or no?
Pak: What is?
India: What you mean what is…Is Dawood in Pak?
Pak: Oh I get it…
India: So is he?
Pak: Is he what?
India: In Pakistan?
Pak: Where?
India: I dont know, you tell me?
Pak: Tell you what?
India: Never mind…lets move on…watch the game

Now lets get to the next topic…

India: Does Pakistan sponsor terror?
Pak: On TV?
India: No in India…
Pak: Sponsor on Indian TV?
India: No !! No !!! Does Pakistan sponsor terrorism in India?
Pak: Why do you ask?
India: Just thought I’d bring it up..
Pak: We dont know.. I mean..we dont know…
India: Do you or dont you…
Pak: Do we or dont we what?
India: My my..look at the time..lets get moving or we’ll be late for dinner..

Pak: So lets talk about IPL
Ind: So lets talk
Pak: Why no Pak players?
India: Where?
Pak:In the IPL?
India: yes!!!
Pak: Why?
India: Why what?? Why are there no Pak Players in the IPL?
Pak:That is what I asked??
India: Why do you ask?
Pak..and Kashmir?
India: Yes? What about it?
Pak: are you going to give it up?
India: give what up
Pak: kashmir
India: why??

Oh **** it..lets go out for dinner…

Next day papers: India and Pakistan had a fruitful round of dialogue (what they mean is that they had good dessert).
All the TV channels will have an “exclusive” with each of the PMs…. AT THE SAME TIME !!!!