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Catch our Cricketers doing this…

29 Jan

The BBC Website carries the main reason why Adam Gilchrist decided to retire.

Australia wicket-keeper Adam Gilchrist says a dropped catch in the fourth and final Test against India convinced him to retire from international cricket.

Gilchrist, whose error meant VVS Laxman survived, said it dawned on him he should quit “somewhere between the ball hitting my gloves and the ground”.

Do you think any of our guys will do this? No way… they need to be prised out…

Kumble “turns” 600

18 Jan

Fellow “Banashankrite” Anil Kumble became only the 3rd bowler after Warne and Murali to take 600 Wickets. Of course our TV Channels are vying with each other to congratulate Captain Kumble and singing paeans about how he has never been given the accolades he deserves.

One thing he can be proud of is that he carries himself with the dignity of a King. I think thats enough.

700 next? The odds are stacked against him in terms of age, but then you can never count him out. When he took 500 wickets, people said the same thing.

UPDATE: Nishanth Arora in his blog on IBN Live writes an open letter to the BCCI lamenting the fact that no one from the BCCI has seen it fit to congratulate Kumble on his achievement.

Cushy Job = Contentment?

26 Sep

Treading on thin ice here…

One of the characters that I talked about in my Vijaya High Chronicles is Shetty of the Churumuri Gaadi fame (see Vijaya High Chronicles – Lunch Breaks). Now he has been bringing his cart in front of the school during lunchtime for over 30 years. Probably More. Come evenings he is in front of R.V Teachers College (2nd Block Jayanagar) selling idlis. Needless to say he is very popular and has a loyal customer base.

Which begged the question from Mukund (my senior at VHS).

“how they are able to do the same job for last 30 to 40 years-but still smiling -contradictory to many professionals”

So what is the reason? Contentment and Satisfaction? Lack of Ambition? (not saying this is bad), Lack of Opportunities?

On the other hand we have our new age professionals making money hand over fist. Yet they always keep looking for the next big thing.

So Why????

Success for Vinay !!

17 Aug

Sometime ago Aditya had written this post about Vinay who was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) and looking for a transplant.

Good News !!!

After a long hard struggle, Vinay has found a donor and is getting ready for a transplant.

His ordeal has also provided a foundation for a registry of South Asian Donors in the USA (incidentally a South Asian has a 1 in 20,000 chance of finding a donor in the USA).

All the best to Vinay. Heres wishing him a speedy recovery.

Amazing Video

21 Jun

A link to this was posted on Porcupyn’s (can you guess who this is?) Blog. An Amazing video of teamwork and what happens when the “weak and oppressed” get pissed off.

Hey SET Max !!! Are you watching ESPN?

7 Jun

I hope the powers that be at SET Max are watching ESPN’s coverage of the Afro-Asia cup.

Totally Professional. Especially the way they carry Advertisements. Unlike SET Max.

Frankly speaking, the difference in timing (when they start adverts after an over) is just a few seconds. That makes ALL the difference. They actually wait for the commentator to finish what he is saying before cutting away for an Ad.

Plus they dont have the Dancing Tiger doing the “bhalle bhalle”.. thank God !!

Meeting One’s Hero

1 Jun

I still remember meeting G.R Vishwanath when I was in 9th grade at a party. What struck me was his humility. He was at the peak of his career then. Yet he took time off and talked to me for a long long time. I will never forget that evening.

The wheel came a full circle last week when Nikhil (incidentally in 9th grade) got to meet HIS hero Javagal Srinath. He had missed out on a couple of earlier opportunities to meet with Srinath. The look of joy on his face when he finally came face to face was a sight to behold.

As Vishy was, Srinath is someone who wears fame easily. Down to earth despite his achievements. That makes him even more special.

Heres a picture… Nikhil’s face says it all 🙂