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Chinese Churumuri in Mysooru

6 Oct

So last weekend, I did something I was intending to do for a long time..before people start wondering what this was let me tell was simply to eat Churumuri in Mysore…

One of my lingering memories of Mysore are those eat out places..and one of my favorite dishes in Mysore is Churumuri…in my opinion no one makes it better than the street vendors in Mysooru…its probably the puri (puffed rice), its probably the printing ink they wrap the stuff in..or maybe its just air…in Bangalore these days they’ve started calling this stuff “Bhel Puri” 😦

I had been bugging my friend Arun (last name witheld for security reasons) who keeps going to Mysore at the drop of a hat (actually even before the drop of a hat) to take me to Mysore when he could…finally after a lot of hits and misses we actually had a opportunity to go to Mysore together..what followed was 36 hours of eating, eating and more eating..somewhere in between was a business trip and a wonderful trip around the forests..more on that later…

The eating and eating started with the Churrrrrrmurrrri !!!!

Our guide to the local Churumuri scene was Manu (again last name witheld for reasons other than security)…he took us to Prakasha’s gaadi in Saraswathipuram…this started an evening that had us eating the same dish in three different places…

First was Prakasha’s gaadi in Saraswathipuram…a proper showmaster, he mixes his dishes with the same elan as a champion pizza maker..he tosses the contents in the air before mixing them (next time I need to get a Video)…I think this “trip” in the air gives it that additional zing..we started with the traditional churumuri, and then a mixture made from banana shoots and assorted crispies and vegetables, which was quite unlike anything I had ever tasted…

Next we moved on to “dinner” but before it there was a stop at Manu’s house where we had homemade Churumuri…now its always been my argument that people at home can never equal the wares that one eats on the street.. I take that back..the stuff at Manu’s house was fantastic !!!

Then it was on to a restaurant called Bopy’s for dinner..and what do we have here as appetizer… Chinese Churumuri..YES !!!! another Churumuri dish..

Chinese Churumuri uses crispy noodles instead of the traditional puffed rice (poori)…the rest of the ingredients are the same..the taste..unique…and there was dinner as well…”neer” dose with vegetable curry…plus appetizers..compliments of Bopy’s.

After all this we dragged ourselves home..full and prepare ourselves for our forest adventure the next day…stay tuned….

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