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Say that twice – And Fast !!!

30 Jan

Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu in New Zealand holds the record for the longest place name (okay say that twice).

It translates roughly as The summit where Tamatea, the man with the big knees, the climber of mountains, the land-swallower who travelled about, played his nose flute to his loved one. It has been listed in the Guinness World Records as one of the longest place names in the world. Must be tough having this for an address…

Thanks Ray Dixon for the post that set this process off.


Its a country of a billion plus people and you cannot satisfy everyone. Apparently the boxers are pissed that they were not considered for the Republic Day awards….Come on guys.. its bronze…  I don’t want to put their achievements down… but then Gold is Gold…

I know the question that will follow is “How else do we encourage these sports?”… well maybe by providing better facilities.. and kicking out the morons who run those organizations?

In the meantime the USA is deducting 55 Million from aid given to Pakistan. I think they have now started to charge taxes on their aid money…either that or they realized that Zardari was billing them for the army’s (and his) laundry as well.

US authorities deducted the amount while releasing only $101 million out of Pakistan’s claim of $156 million for expenses incurred on the campaign against terrorism till April 2008, said Shaukat Tarin, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance.

I read somewhere that till now they have received $73 Billion in Aid. Wonder where all that money went…

..and whats with these two?

Sorry Ladies… I need to Rant !!!

12 Jan

I hope lady readers of this blog will not get offended…. but I HAVE to rant…  In fact I am sure you will empathise with me.. or the wife

OKAY…what is it with women and old clothes..why cant you let us men be ????

My favorite jubba, the one that I had carefully converted to a comfortable, threadbare night garment has been “retired”…. and no,  not gracefully…

I am on my way to the shower when I find the maid dusting the windows with a garment that looked familiar… on closer examination (of the cloth..of the cloth….okay?) I found that it was my trusted half sleeve jubba…

So I say “What the ****?” (on the inside) and then walk purposefully to the kitchen where the wife is pretending that nothing has happened…

“Yo..why have you given my jubba to the maid” I ask fiercely…

“I have bought you some new stuff..this one was worn and completely see through” was the reply.

“I like it that way.. It took me years to get it to that level”

“Well..its disgusting to wear such stuff” says the wife.

In the meantime the son has joined the conversation.. “Pappa shes thrown out your old T-Shirts as well”

I gasp… “Not the ones that I had torn the sleeves from??”

“Ya I threw them out as well… ” she says nonchalantly

“How would you like it if I threw out all your saris”  I threaten

“None of my sarees are torn”…

“Well maybe I’ll tear a few and THEN throw them” I counter

She ignores me.. son giggles… I hate it when he does that… I walk away promising revenge…

An hour later I hear a loud shout..stepping out of the shower, my son sees one of the “legs” of his old torn and see through track pants being useds as a floor wipe.. yippee !!!

Now whos giggling??? Serves him right….

Dec 04 2008’s What the ****

4 Dec

The CM of Kerala seems to have multiple personalities.. the first one insults a Martyr, the second one denies it and now hes apologized……oops sorry I forgot, hes a politician…

His statements were so crass that the other politicians didnt support it..even politicians from his own party who normally defend everything the reds do…

There was a Communist Party MP who was at the Taj when the shooting happened… apparently he was having dinner there.. WTF.. isn’t it against party rules? or is it “Do as I say dont do as I do”…
Talking about politicians, notice how quiet they are.. they are probably waiting for the current storm to blow over before starting to make their “great” statements… Of course Lalloo of the Gobbar fame has issued one or two gems…

Now.. I am not too knowledgeable here…if India has proof against Pakistan.. WHY DONT WE GIVE IT TO THEM??? We keep saying we have proof after every terror attack…. am I missing something here?

Pakistani Foreign minister says India is not accusing Pak but elements inside Pak.. duhhhh !!!!

We get hit.. we scream and piss…Pak plays coy… US visits them.. Pak makes lots of mother promises.. US praises Pak and gives them a few billion, US leaves and then Pak thumbs their noses at us.. life back to normal… did anyone expect anything different????

Nov 25 – What the ****s

25 Nov

Feeling a bit silly so here goes…

Kept telling my new driver to keep his eyes on the road.. he kept telling me he was..and I insisted he wasnt.. later realized he was cross eyed…

The US apparently spied on Tony Blair and had his private conversations recorded … Heres some insider information…3 agents quit because of boredom…

Animals are becoming cricket coaches.. thats what I thought when I saw a headline saying
“Moles Named New Zealand Coach”.. of course I was wrong.

Lalloo.. he of the gobbar disposition compared Rahul Gandhi to Mahatma Gandhi..keep licking Lallooo… elections are getting closer. Hope Rabri aunty is helping out…

Someone at the office mentioned that Watermelons were more powerful than Viagara…I wonder if thats if you eat watermelon or someone drops a watermelon on your whatchamacallit.

Sleeping Bea(uty)st

19 Nov

This man even falls ASLEEP in his SLEEP.

Heres a wonderful picture of our “Son of the Soil” also from henceforth called “Traffic Jammer” perhaps he was hoping that people would do this in their cars while they were stuck in traffic. (Got this wonderful picture in an email)

Nero Fiddled. Gowda Snored. Not even God can keep him awake.

Nero Fiddled. Gowda Snored. Not even God can keep him awake.


By the way, can someone give me a better caption for this?

Chitra had a nice rant on the recent traffic jam as did Nikhil on Mirrorcracked.

Valet Parking – The Other Side

9 Oct

Next time you hand over your keys to the Valet for parking. Think again. You might not get your car back in one piece…

On Sept 16th a bunch of colleagues and I went out to lunch at this 4 Star Hotel. As is the norm, I handed the keys to the Valet. I normally would have my driver around, but since there were more people, I drove myself.

So we go in, finish lunch and I ask for my car. The guys at the desk are looking at each other. One guy tells me that they are having problems opening the door…another guy tells me that there are no Valets to fetch the car..

Something smells here…

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Whats next folks? Sarees for men?

24 Sep

Apparently Skirts for men were the new thing at the India Coutre Week (link courtesy CNN/IBN ).

Whats next Sarees?

I’d like to see him walk down Brigade Road in this outfit…

UPDATE: As Mytri points out in her comments below, there was a time when Sarees were worn by men.. ayyo ayyo ayyo !!!!