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IIT’s on the slide?

28 Feb

There is an interesting article in today’s Deccan Herald by Bhamy V Shenoy on the Decline of Brand IIT.

The most interesting part of this article is the fact that India Inc prefers to hire people from other institutes because they are “mouldable”.

Another part of the article suggests that most IIT entrants these days are there because of the rote learning method that is put out by all the coaching classes and suggests that the students who get in there are not high calibre (as in well rounded). Interesting stats that point to more students from AP and Rajasthan getting in because of these coaching classes being present there.

In addition, the article suggests that the teaching itself is outmoded.

Your thoughts?

JobsBuzz – New Job Posts

27 Feb

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CM Says – “Stay in your Office”

26 Feb

Our CM has come up with another ‘gem’ of a suggestion (as reported in Vijay Times last week). He now wants industry to provide housing to employees in order to reduce traffic congestion.

Shouldn’t he be looking at improving infrastructure and public transport instead?

What he is suggesting seems to be going back to the commune living of Russia and China (he used China as a role model).

Does he have anyone who advises him on this or are all these great thoughts his own?

Heres a better suggestion. Why dont we try his experiment on the government first? Lets see if it works there. While we are at it, why don’t we reduce the cars in our ministers’ entourage. Usually there are 3 cars in front, and 3 cars behind !!

Parents Devo Bhava – The New Parent Law

23 Feb

I think its wonderful that the Government is proposing a bill wherin a person can be sent to jail for “neglecting” his or her aged parents.

I wonder what took them so long? I also wonder whether this bill will pass unanimously or whether someone will oppose it (I would like to know who opposes it as well). But then our politicians do stranger things (like opposing the women’s bill for instance). So we’ll see.

Its a good start. We owe our parents. You might live anywhere but you can still be close.

There was a post along similar lines some days ago in Churumuri. Check it out.

Customer Service – The Other Side

23 Feb


Photo Courtesy Vijay Times. Click to Enlarge

What a coincidence. Just as we were talking about Krishnappa and his approach to customer service, there is a picture in today’s Vijay Times showing a BMTC staffer caning footboard travellers.

A different kind of “Customer Support”

P.S: Sorry.. no time to edit other pictures out.

Customer Service

21 Feb


His name is Krishnappa. He is a watchman at Prabha Eye Clinic in Jayanagar, Bangalore. I have been watching him in action for the last two years and find that he is a prime example of someone who goes beyond the call of duty when it comes to customer service.

Whenever someone elderly comes into the clinic, he makes sure that he helps them into the clinic, finds a seat for them and alerts the front desk before going back to his post. He does not accept any tips for his service.

A good case study for anyone looking at customer service.

A Question of Answers

19 Feb

Answering Nikhil’s questions as we go along our walks is becoming increasingly challenging. Gone are the innocent questions like “Pappa are Pizza Hut and Pizza Corner owned by the same guy?”. Instead they are being replaced by fairly complex questions about swear words and their origins, and of other general topics that are not usually discussed in the Indian family.

I am not complaining here, I am glad that I have an open enough relationship with my boy that he can ask me these questions. The problem is that I am groping for answers… 😦