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The “Barber”ian

4 Aug

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There’s this shop that I go for my haircuts (yes there’s still some left)..being going there for a long time. Owner is a nice gent called Murthy.

Its one of those places where you go get your hair cut, listen to some local gossip, seed some of your own gossip and incidentally get a hair cut. Its not a place where you go for hair styling..

Murthy is doing quite well..he has 10 shops in Bangalore..

Suddenly he opens up a posh air-conditioned “hair-styling” saloon next door.. and by “air-conditioning” I mean the real thing..not the windows being opened to let the cross breeze flow..

Well thats all well, except that the good Mr. Murthy has been egging us regular customers to go to the new place instead of the old one..the new one has AC but is much more expensive…

“Why sir you and all are coming here..come come please go to AC place sir..”…

But wait !!!!..its the same guy who was snip snipping at the old place doing the chowra here as well…

We are having a “Customer Group” meeting soon to discuss strategy…