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Deepavali 2008 – Part 1

28 Oct

Deepavali is underway.

Heres some pictures from this weekend as per a special request from My3. More pictures to follow.

You cannot tell that theres a downturn. The rush to buy firecrackers was the same as before

Someone forgot to tell us that there was a recession. The rush to buy firecrackers was the same as before

Firecrackers on Sale

Firecrackers on Sale


Sweets Galore

Sweets Galore


Chaat on Wheels. Notice the guy with the Mexican hat... whats the connection with Chaat?

Chaat on Wheels. Notice the guy with the Mexican hat... whats the connection with Chaat?


Inside the Chaat "shop"

Inside the Chaat "shop"


Lights at home

Lights at home


Looks like a battlezone but this Banashankari side-street normally is very very quiet

Looks like a battlezone but this Banashankari side-street normally is very very quiet


For those who want to watch… (a “bomb” going off)


Spell Check 2

24 Oct

Another Gem

Spell Check

23 Oct

Seen on the back of a truck…

I guess the message gets through.

Chappell in Charge and other cricket WTF’s

22 Oct

The Chappell magic seems to be working for Australia. Anything he touches seems to turn into “fools gold”.

After single handedly demolishing the Indian team, Chappell is now doing the same with the Aussies. Its bad Karma.

In other Cricket news, Vijay Mallya the owner of the Royally Challenged IPL team met with the owners of the Deccan (Dis)Chargers to see if they can cut costs by collaborating with each other (just like Kingfisher and Jet Airways). “The idea is to use each other’s assets” he said. As I type this, they are still trying to identify “Assets”.

Neo Cricket’s highlights are great, but do they need Mohinder Amarnath to suddenly appear and make a summary??? Someone needs to tell him to get rid of the “wooden” expression. Or maybe they have told him hes on Radio?

IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi is now a brand ambassador for something. I dont remember what.. was busy laughing at the very notion…

Politics and Acting

16 Oct

Its now a known fact that Actors make lousy politicians. However the reverse is not true. Politicians make great actors. They dont even need a script. Theres an “Act” everyday. Here are some examples:

Hand over resignation letters that they know will not be accepted.

2. Hand over Post-Dated resignation letters. Now thats a new one…

To Quote CNN/IBN

Dravida Munnettra Kazhagam (DMK) Rajya Sabha member of Parliament Kanimozhi has given a post dated resignation letter to support MK Karunanidhi’s decision to withdraw support from United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government if it fails to stop military aid to Sri Lanka.


3. Proclaim allegiance to one leader today and to another one tomorrow with the same level of fervor.

Oh one more thing. Have you heard of a “relay” hunger strike? Here one politician fasts from breakfast to lunch, another one from lunch to tea and another from tea until early dinner…. This is a masterpiece.

..and Then there was one

15 Oct

First there was Indian Airlines…
lousy, crappy, rude staff…
but we had to fly so we make do..

Never made money.. but thats ok..
we are Governmment they say…

Then came the first wave of private players…
good food, smiling crews..

flying was fun…
suddenly IA was on the run

Then came the budget airlines…
cheap and best..

they got you there..
still better that the IA fare…

Deccan came first…
they made the buses blush…

Vijay Mallya butted in…
thats when competition set in

There were others contenders..
but all of them were pretenders..

Kigfisher bought Deccan and Jet bought Sahara…

Then came the recession…
suddenly there was confusion…

Kingfisher talked to Jet…
lets work together… just lets

Jet sacked six hundred staffers…
thanks for the smiles…
but we dont need you for the next mile…

Then Jet and Kingfisher will Merge…
share prices will surge…

They will still lose money…
its all for the money honey…

Then one day Indian Airlines will say…
Lets all merge.. what say…

We’ll be back to one…
lousy, crappy, rude staff…
but we still have to fly so we will make do…

No more good times….

Weekend Wonder-La

14 Oct

Went to Wonderla last weekend. Actually was dragged there by the two teenagers – My Son and Nephew. I went there braced for boredom but was pleasantly surprised. Its an extremely well landscaped place with enough lung space and some fantastic rides. Its extremely well maintained. Being a holiday the place was full but you never got the impression that it was crowded. We never waited more than 15 minutes for a ride.

Good things:

1. Nice and spacious
2. Great Rides for all age groups
3. Clean
4. Ample Parking

Not So Good

1. Food is so so (but then they need to feed a lot of people)
2. Staff can be a little bit friendlier (not easy considering the number of people they have to put up with)

Some pictures below:

Good Landscaping



Nephew and Son. They are happiest after being fed

The Rides are pretty cool as well


Now for my RANT !!!!

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