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Sleeping Bea(uty)st

19 Nov

This man even falls ASLEEP in his SLEEP.

Heres a wonderful picture of our “Son of the Soil” also from henceforth called “Traffic Jammer” perhaps he was hoping that people would do this in their cars while they were stuck in traffic. (Got this wonderful picture in an email)

Nero Fiddled. Gowda Snored. Not even God can keep him awake.

Nero Fiddled. Gowda Snored. Not even God can keep him awake.


By the way, can someone give me a better caption for this?

Chitra had a nice rant on the recent traffic jam as did Nikhil on Mirrorcracked.

Here they come

3 May

Well. . . Well. . Hadn’t seen any of my area’s ‘Netas’ till now. These days I see them or their reps everyday. The reason. . . Elections are near.

They come in the afternoon.. disturb my weekend siesta. “Vote for progess” they say. “Our candidate will yensure that you will see laaat of pragress”…the candidate himself (if hes around) is standing around like a blushing bride.

Narrating his experience, my friend told me that one of the candidates’ actually expected to be invited indoors. One of his sidekicks asked him “Yen saar.. sahebraNNa mane valoge invite madolva?” (“What sir arent you going to invite the sahib in”). To which his answer was “Illa” (“No”).

Unfortunately I havent seen the Rs. 2 rice yet. Nor have I been offered the television.

Promises Promises !!!!

You need a voters card… but how?

17 Apr

Voting might be your fundamental right. However getting on the voting list isn’t.

Veena Shivanna has this to narrate:

It’s been almost 6 months since I moved to Mysore. My regular habits of going through news paper, browsing blogs have been helping me to know more about Bangalore in a daily manner.

 Well, who doesn’t know about the elections and all the woes around it. This is been the third time we are submitting Form 6 for getting names added to the voter’s list in Bangalore. Finally downloaded the form from the website ( and got them submitted to the corporation office ( my husband got to go there for the first time for the whole of his life and he had to discover the route this time)!

Finally the first list of the voters had our names. More than that was I could check it on the website. That was fantastic.

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Of Polls and Promises

15 Apr

Ok, its the poll season again. Newspaper reports say that crime rates have dipped because all the goons are getting ready for elections. Of course just like the cases against them theres no evidence to prove this.

Parties are promising rice for Rs.2 a kilo, reservations and quotas for the historically supressed, free television etc etc.

So dear Politician, my future leader, heres some poll promises that I’d like (readers please add your own):

1. Don’t come home to campaign. Put a leaflet in my mailbox. I dont want to shake your hand.

2. Promise not to scare me with pictures of you and your supporters. I dont want to see a picture of you cuddling a child.

3. Please let me know how and where I can pick up my color TV.

4. Please dont have any of those rallies UNLESS you have an item number performance by Rakhi Sawant… and NO DONT JOIN IN !!!

5. When you bring in your leaders from Delhi, can you please please have them say Karnataka and NOT Karnatak and Kannada not Kannad.

“Teacher he copying me teacher”

25 Mar

Kumaranna is pissed. Says that Rahul Gandhi is copying his “ishtyle” of going and staying in villages.

To quote:

“When I stated the programme, Congress leaders critisised the programme. At last they realised that Grama Vastavya programme is necessary for the party to get votes from the common people. That is why they requested Rahul Gandhi to stay in a rural house.”

To which Kharge a senior congress leader said “What you talking man.. he and his father tell we are copying evverything.. waaat naaansense”.

This is how the programme worked. You select a village. You then select a family there that is broke and in despair. You then tell them the CM is visiting, ask them to vacate their house for a night so that the CM can stay there. As part of the deal you throw some money at them. The press follow singing praises. They were put up in the guest rooms.

Next day everyone left and life returned to hopelesss normalcy for the poor villager.

Low Lower Lowest

20 Nov

So finally the JDS pulled the rug from under the BJP. I wonder what goes through Gowda’s mind? How low can he stoop.

Anyway heres some cliches that we can attribute to Yeddy:

1. So near and yet so…

2. Many a slip between the cup and…

3. Anthu inthu Kunthi makkalige rajya illa

Apparently the discord arose when each party wanted the rights to the mines in Bellary. In other words they wanted first rights to pillage. The fact that this is being discussed openly shows how morally bereft they are.

It is interesting that in a democracy, the people have no say and they have to sit and watch these comedians in action.

Churumuri carried a post yesterday which begged the question whether Karnataka was the Bihar of the south... or should it be the other way around?

Maybe the excuse will be “Sorry.. I am only used to taking and not giving…”

How do you pronounce Yediyurappa?

13 Nov

So we have a new CM. The news anchors are having a hell of a time pronouncing his name.

Rajdeep Sardesai of CNN/IBN pronounced the name as “Yedderurappa”

Other pronunciations include:

Yedererappa, Yedvarappa, Yedoooreppa… one news reader on a Hindi channel got so “tripped up” that he stumbled through the rest of his story…

I am amazed that they don’t take the time to find out how a name is pronounced before they go on National TV.