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The New “Queens English”??

5 Nov

A friend forwarded me this mail he got from an Engineering student looking for a project. Take a look at the English, its fascinating. I showed this to junior and hes like “Thats the way it is now dad..” ..Yikes !!!!


its XXXX here..! YYYY had given ua refrence for the project.
em from ZZZZ college of engineering mysore.7th sem, our project duration is not even exact 5months its like coll starts from feb ends with may, each week we ll get 2days for proectj,in january i ve holidays so we planning
to start from jan.our team consist of 3members.we are in search of java/.net projects of small modules..
we need your help for it..!!!if u have any suggestions lemme know about it sir.!!
we’ll be waitin for your response..thank u cya.

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