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Bengaluru Airportu – Too Smaaalu

31 May

Used the new Airport for the first time yesterday. Took a bus from Jayanagar at 6:15 AM. Was in the Airport at 7:15 AM. Not bad at all timewise.

First views of the airport. Very impressive. There are some teething problems but people are working very very hard to correct it.

One big problem… THE AIRPORT IS TOO SMALL. The place seems too crowded. I mean this airport is supposed to have been built to handle traffic for the next 5 year. It already seems to be bursting at the seams. Everyone is getting into everyones way.

Talking about bursting, the bathrooms are too small.

The restaurants area doesnt seem to have been planned for comfort. Just tooooo many tables stuffed in there…

Food is too expensive inside (thats true of every airport). I paid Rs. 80 for 2 Idlis… (Bhattru at SLV in Banashankari still chargers Rs. 4 per idli and gets complaints about how his place is getting very expensive). Quality of food…. BAAAAD. But then I never rate an airport by the food.

All in all.. an okay experience. But with so much planning, I wish it was more spacious. Soon we’ll have people sharing seats (one by two).

Returning on Sunday. Lets see how the return journey home is.

To Catch a “Thief”

28 May

We have a “Mallige” plant in front of our house. A small portion of the plant overlaps the compound onto the street, which means all the flowers that grow there get “stolen” by an assorment of morning walkers, people collecting flowers for puja from other peoples houses.

Last evening, Nikhil decides to “Catch the Thief” and give him a piece of his mind. His mother tries to dissuade him by saying its okay. But the young man wants his adventure. Hoping that

He gets up very early and starts patrolling the driveway waiting for the looter to show up.

After some time, hes back indoors and hes very quiet. Heres the conversation that went on:

Me: “So Did you catch the thief?”

N: “Hmmmmphhh…mumble mumble…”

Me: “What?”

N (sheepishly): “Yes.”

Me: “Okay.. so what happened?”

Heres his story:

He hears someone picking at the flowers. Rushes outside only to find this old woman carrying a small baby who is helping granny pick the flowers.

Me: “So did you tell them to go away?”

N: “No.”

Me:”Did you give them a good scolding?”

N: “No.”

Me: “So what did you do?”

N (grinning): “Well…I told them if they needed any flowers from the inside, they are welcome to it.”

Me: “Hmmm.. so you weren’t angry… didn’t give them a piece of your mind?”

N: “Daaaaad !!!!”

Mom (stepping into the conversation): “Now that your adventure is over, can you please return to your Math?”

I think he learnt that everything is not what it appears to be.

Club Elections

27 May

Talking of Elections, the next set of Elections in Bangalore are Club elections. While they lack the scale, theres the same intensity. Here theres less money and more ego.

Come last week of June, Bangalore Club, Century Club, Bangalore Golf Club, Karnataka Golf Association etc all have their elections. Being member to more than one, you find the same old faces requesting you for votes across the various clubs.

Its good timepass. As I said the scale is small.. but theres drama.

My favorite Club Election story is about a certain Doctor.

So this guy is a friend of my dads. He has this “interesting” behaviour. When I am with my Dad, he talks to me all nice and cheery. But when I run into him on my own, he looks through me.

Few years ago he stood for election. He meets me in the club and asks me to vote for him (during elections I guess he talked to every one) . I say “Ok”… on the outside.. Inside I am like “No way”.. Come election day I vote for someone else.

The Result: He loses by ONE vote 😀

The Fat Lady has sung

26 May

Walked outside Mannina Maga (Mud Son) Deve Gowda’s house… very very quiet except for a few TV vans. I overheard one reporter talking on the phone “Arre yaar theres no action here. We should get going”.

Kumaraswamy’s comments “Awl you media peepals are saying that we are pinissed.. we also will naaat shake hands with Congress or BJP. They have telled that we are untouchable”… I have no idea what he was talking about.

The Congress… well the usual… The first family can do no wrong.. its local politics… the usual excuses. The classiest was S.M. Krishna who conceeded by saying the BJP had run a better campaign.

Dont count old man gowda out though. He probably has a trick or two up his sleeve.

Here are some pictures:



Am Back !!!

23 May

Bird Hits, Rains In Delhi, 5 Hour Delays later I am back in Bangalore. Landed in the old airport itself because the opening got postponed.

Back to Delhi next week. Hopefully will be able to use the new airport.

There was a sense of closure at the HAL Airport. Everyone was in “wind down” mode.

UNUSUALLY EMPTY ENTRY LOBBY (flight was full though)


MY LAST LANDING AT HAL (hazy pictures)


FINAL GOODBYE RIP HAL AIRPORT (unless the opening of the new one gets postponed again)

Airport Action – Whew

21 May

Blogging on my mobile here. Lots of action this morning. I have flown in and out of Bangalore countless times and this happens on my final visit.

Had a narrow escape when a bird hit caused the pilot to abort takeoff at the last instant. Finally made it to Delhi 3 hours behind schedule.

Goodbye Airport?

21 May

Flying out to New Delhi this morning for what could be the last time from the current airport. . . Will post pictures later. Place looks like its winding down.