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Thank You BWSSB

28 Apr

The BWSSB (the Water Supply and Sewerage Board) are the latest in a Government initiative against Traffic and Overspeeding. Yes its true. I wish to thank them for ensuring that traffic on the street that I live on has reduced and even the ones that go through go through very slow.

I had written a while ago complaining about how people were driving recklessly on the newly laid road in front of my house. Disaster was waiting to happen. But thankfully the BWSSB stepped in.

They first dug up the entire road thus ensuring that any speeding vehicle would land into a 5 foot deep ditch. They then covered it up loosely ensuring that the ensuing rain made the road uneven.

All along I thought they were doing this out of incompetence. How wrong I was, they are just trying to help control traffic.

Thank you gentlemen…

I asked the contractor in charge if they were going to lay a new road and his reply was “Saar all that and all is the Corporations headache”.

Sniff Sniff !!!

21 Apr

You arent supposed to have feelings for these things. After all they are commodity. But still…

What am I blabbering about? Well.. its my old car..a Maruti 800.

We first bought it when we moved to India in ’95. It served us well…and then it was “retired” and became the stand-by unit.

Today it was sold..sniff !!! They came, they saw, they paid and they took the car away…

You aren’t supposed to feel bad about this…but still…


Dateline Egypt

15 Apr

Have been in Cairo since last Sunday on some work. Interesting place. Posts on this soon.

A Little One made my day

9 Apr

Was feeling grumpy today. The early morning walk had ended prematurely, and we were standing at the local Coffee shop getting our early dose of caffeine…

Then this little one passes by carried by her mom..must be all of two years old..our eyes meet…she then breaks into a wide ear to ear smile..and waves at me as if I was her long lost friend.. the mother looks as surprised as I am.. “She doesnt usually do this” she tells me as they pass by… I am glad she did…it made my day !!!

The kid keeps smiling and waving at me till something else distracts her.

She seemed to be telling me “Why grumpy..cheer up…”

 Kids, I tell ya…


Image Courtesy

Image Courtesy

Summer Evenings…and Churumiri

8 Apr

Churumuri (the eating kind..not the blog), near the park at BSK 2nd Stage…with due apologies to the folks from Mysore who think (and rightly so) that the best Churumuri is available there. But then not all of us are lucky enough to live there 😦



PS: Pineappellu, Nippattu, Kodabale also availaballu

Writing on the Wall

6 Apr

Observed in the neighborhood.

I don’t know who the “characters” are, that the owner is referring to….People relieving themselves or with elections approaching… one never knows 😉


Divorce Homa

5 Apr

Hilarious story from my friend this morning.

Seems like his uncle’s son, a Doctor in England is in the process of getting a divorce from his wife.

So the uncle is getting a “Homa” done so that the divorce proceedings go smoothly. I don’t think my friend will get invited to the “Homa”. Not after he laughed loudly in the man’s face…

I know we have a temple for Visas. Wonder if there’s one for divorces 😀

Sorry shouldnt be laughing, as divorce is a serious matter..but a homa for that is el-ridiculous…

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