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He did it !!!!

26 May

CBSE Results came out today and Nikhil passed with flying colors.

Congrats to the boy and the mommy as well for her patience.

Yayyyyy !!!!

Why the silence?

24 May

No no..I dont have writers block…but I have been AWOL.

For the last 10 days I have been travelling first to Qatar and am now in Riyadh.

Back to base on Wednesday. More after that.

Rolling his R’s

15 May

So finally got to meet Rads who was on a flying (literally) visit to Bangalore. It is indeed true that a persons writing says a lot about that person. Rads is every bit as her blog is..bubbly, cheerful.

She then wrote about her visit and mentioned in passing that she was “accused” of rolling her “R’s”. That triggered a memory…

SP was a family friend. He had returned from the USA and was teaching at one of the premier institutes in Bangalore. He was a big man with a quiet baritone voice and a drawl that came out of living in the USA for a long time.

So once mum’s college invites SP to speak at a student seminar.

Mum comes back home after the seminar and walks into the living room where dad and I are watching TV and reading (only one channel at that time).

“So how was SP’s talk today?” I ask …without looking up.

“Well…it was nice” mom says ..”but he rolls his R’s”.

“Rolls his Arse?”..I ask..both dad and I are imagining SP on the podium, the big man, undulating his behind while talking…that made this more interesting than watching Doordarshan.

“Thats pretty strange” says dad in all earnestness.. “SP is a serious type of fellow..maybe he does it because he wants to hold the audience’s attention”

“Ya ya maybe” mom says..”but its quite pronounced”

Now it gets even more and I are imagining SP doing a Helen on stage…

“Didnt anyone ask him to stop shaking his behind?” asked dad.

“What do you mean?” asks mom realizing that somethings amiss..

“Well.. he just can’t shake his arse in public can he?”

“Noooo Noooo… he rolls his R’s as in the letter R not his Arse”

“Aaaah…” we said…losing interest in the story and going back to watching Doordarshan on TV.

“Perverts…” mom says…

Let the Horse Trading Begin

13 May

Okay, I have been lax in blogging. This can be attributed to being busy, but truth be told it was plain laziness…okay okay really speaking, I was considering forming the 65th front (for formation of a Government at the center). For this reason I was in Delhi talking to the cousin of a friend of a low ranking official in the Congress party.

If Deve Gowda can dream so can I.

In the meantime the 3 and a half ring circus has begun. Usually the case in Indian politics is that an enemy’s enemy is ones freind. But these days even a friend can turn into an enemy in the matter of one news program.

The TV news channels are crying themselves hoarse with their prediction. Four channels carry exclusive interviews of the same person and all of them have the “Dream Team” in terms of analysis (what this means is that they have the people who can put people to sleep faster than you can say “Third Front”).

So lets see… Lallo and Paswan are together..but they dont like Nitish..but Congress wants to befriend Nitish as they think hes more “attractive” than Lalloo…but Nitish is playing hard to get and wants to stay with his old “partner”..but hes open to dating…

In the meantime, our own “Son of Mud”, Deve Gowda dispatched Kumara Kanteerava to have a quick tea with Sonia madam. He was caught sneaking out through the back door…hiding his face..maybe madam had one of her assistants pinch him on his cheek (on the face okay?).

Oh I forgot my favorite party, the Commies…one day they say they dont mind Congress support, next day they say they dont mind supporting the congress…Prakash Carrot is busy making the right noises…at the wrong end.

Stay tuned folks.. Kumbh Mela begins…

P.S: My apologies to Horses.

Picture of the Yellection

1 May

Could not resist this. The Bachchan family showing off their “election markers”. Didn’t someone tell them it was on a “wrong” finger? (Photo Courtesy Deccan Herald)