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Will the BCCI ever improve?

31 Dec

So, our cricket team got pummeled in the first test against Australia.

The guys to blame arent the players, but the rodent inside the BCCI who is responsible for scheduling. If I was sending my team into a foreign country for an important series, shouldnt I ensure that there are at least 2-3 warm up matches. I am sure with its financial muscle these things can be negotiated. But no.. we get one warm up match that gets rained out.

Even Bangladesh negotiates better.

Just to show you how the BCCI and Cricket works in India , heres Part 2 of a Video called “Guru Greg” (its a 6 part Video but this part captures the BCCI and how they prepare for a tour).

Do you need your Pressure Cooker Serviced?

31 Dec

If you live in Bangalore, there are these guys who come to your house asking if you need your pressure cooker to be serviced. Who are these guys? Does anyone know?

They carry no tools. Just a book…


31 Dec

According to a friend of mine, theres another scam going around in the city.

Theres a company that sells the “Chapati Maker”. They usually demo this in stores like Nilgiris. Now they offer to do a demo at your house. For this you need to give them a “refundable” deposit of Rs. 100. They will return it in case you dont buy. Of course they come home and if you dont buy, they give you the name of a manager who will return the money.
The Name of this company:

Basic Associates in Cambridge Layout, Ulsoor.

P.S: I do have the receipt.

Whats wrong with being in IT?

20 Dec

Recently I have seen blogs go after the IT industry. Some of the points raised include blaming IT for all the ills of Bangalore and the fact that IT does not contribute to society (as if all the others do).  Heres some:

1. IT does not produce sportsmen (and why this is important I don’t know)

2. IT does not contribute to improvement in infrastructure (duh !! thats why we pay taxes… or so I thought)
3. IT has not made any effort to improve the  plight of the common man

In the meantime, the newspapers today carry a story about the Lok Ayuktha unearthing Crores of rupees worth of illegally accumulated wealth by Govt servants. Of course you know and I know that nothing will come of it. The Ayuktha is completely toothless to do anything.

Maybe the IT industry is to blame for this as well.

Generation to Generation

4 Dec

Sometimes on my walks I stop by the Devagiri Temple in Banashankari. The driveway to the temple has these benches for people to sit. Its a nice quiet place.

The girl must have been about 5. Shes sitting with her grandfather on a bench outside the temple sharing a pomegranate with him. As they are eating he is asking her basic questions like spellings, numbers, meanings of small words. For the kid it was all play and she had the answer to everything. It got so interesting that I sat on a bench nearby and watched for a while. The man looked at me and smiled obviously proud of his grandchild.

All this reminded me about my walks with my granddad during summer holidays in Mysore. He’d buy me peanuts and we’d sit in the park and he’d go into stories of his school days and how he came up.

Looks like some things never change from generation to generation. I hope we never lose that.

Birthday “Bum”

3 Dec

The youngster celebrated his birthday last week (or Birthaa Daay as they call it here). He goes to school, hands out sweets and then comes home holding his rear end. The reason. He got the “Birthday Bum” treatment.

For those of you who are not in the know (as I was), it is traditional for your friends to kick you in the backside, one for each year. I don’t know when this “tradition” started.

I then asked my niece who is a second year Medico. She looked at me  and said “Sure thats normal”.

Can anyone shed light on this bizarre tradition. What are the kicks meant to achieve? I’m glad that it wasn’t there when we were in school. Or am I 😉

New Post on Vijaya High

2 Dec

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