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Meanwhile, Harbhajan’s pet dog had no comment…

6 Jan

Posted by Aditya

The micro-coverage of Indian cricketers is starting to get ridiculous.

Harbhajan Singh’s mother Avtar Kaur on Sunday said her son was innocent and wondered why he was being targeted after the off-spinner was slapped with a three match ban…Kaur said it appeared that Symonds also said something abusive against Singh during their altercation on the third day in the second Test of the cricket match in Sydney….Harbhajan’s sister Sandeep Kaur said the family is feeling “bad” especially when action was being taken against him without any reason.

That’s it?? No comment from mother’s brothers and their second cousins?!

Jab tere dard…

30 Aug

By Aditya

I’ve never been a fan of ghazals (probably because I have a less than adequate grasp of the language(s)) but I came across this simple classic which is really beautiful. It’s considered to be one of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s finest. Listen to it here.

Jab tere dard mein dil dukhta tha
Hum tere haq mein dua kartay thay
Hum bhee chup chaap phira kartay thay
Jab teri dhun mein jiya kartay thay

The translation (with plenty of help from Google) is roughly:
When my heart ached from the pain of your memory
I offered a prayer in your name
I wandered around in silence
When I lived in the tune of your melody

…And yes, it does lose a lot in translation.

A spade by any other name…

18 Jun

By Aditya

Bishan Bedi may be a bit of a loud mouth, but the man is no fool. “Power without Accountability” is a perfect description of Gavaskar, the extra-constitutional interfering busybody of Indian cricket. Too bad, Bedi doesn’t have the political savvy and suaveness to make himself heard by those who are in positions of power. Oh wait, those imbeciles couldn’t care less about Indian cricket.

Help Vinay – Bone Marrow Drives in the US

13 Jun

By Aditya

My friend Vinay was recently diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) and urgently needs a bone marrow transplant. We, his family and friends, have begun a nationwide effort in the US to find Vinay that match he so desperately needs. We are trying to reach as many South Asians as possible and get them registered at one of our drives.

South Asians are woefully underrepresented in the national bone marrow registry. A Caucasian seeking a match in the registry averages 15 hits; a South Asian 1 or 0. Vinay’s chances of finding a match are 1 in 20,000. You – through a simple cheek swab – could be that miracle match for Vinay. Or for one of many other individuals waiting for a bone marrow match.

Here is how you can help:

  • Please come out and register at one of our upcoming drives. All it takes is a few minutes of your time. A complete list of nationwide drives is available at
  • Please help us get the word out by forwarding this post to as many people as possible.
  • Help organize a drive or volunteer at a drive in your area. Please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you with details.

For more information, please see .

Breaking News: Vijay Mallya to be Indian Cricket Coach!!!

6 Jun

By Aditya

Okay, may be not but the great Indian Cricket Coach tamasha continues.

First, it was Whatmore. He was too desperate for the job so out he went. Now we have Ford. From what this article says about him, he seems to be a reasonable choice to coach a team of professionals. So this would preclude the Indian team. He is destined to fail in a team mostly full of self-important showboats to whom discipline is a four letter word.

Then we have Sunil Gavaskar suggest John Emburey who according to an article on Cricinfo has been a spectacularly unsuccessful coach. Inexplicable.

It would have been truly comical if Ranatunga had become India’s coach. Notwithstanding the comic value, thank goodness for small mercies. The last thing we need is a cricketer noted for his lack of fitness coaching a bunch of lazy under-achievers.

On Professionalism…

21 May

One of my business school professors was fond of saying “Everything you do and the way you do everything sends a message”. I’ve been reminded of this for the past few weeks when reading reports of Dav Whatmore canvassing the Indian board and putting himself up for the post of India’s cricket coach. Nothing wrong with a bit of self-promotion but he’s still under contract with Bangladesh and what’s more, is involved with a series against India. The classy thing to do would have been to indicate interest but not pursue the opportunity until the series with India was completed. What’s to be said about this guy’s professional ethics? I’d fire this guy if I were in the shoes of the Bangladesh Cricket Board.

No Ghee For You!

1 May

The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune are never-ending for our brave cricket warriors.

IBN reports that our heroes must now do without asli ghee ka khana and ice cream and survive on fruits, raw vegetables, coconut water and yellow dal. Hilariously enough, the article starts with:

Reversing the low morale of the Indian team seems to be on top priority as they assemble in Kolkata ahead of the Bangladesh tour.

Some unintentional humor by IBN there but getting back to the subject at hand: I’m certain Veeru’s morale won’t improve after this announcement.  He was well on his way to emulating Ranatunga (paunch-wise) and now, even that has been taken from him. Who said being an Indian cricketer was life on easy street? Can’t do advertisements, can’t eat, can’t take wives on tour…. life is no picnic for our “boys”.