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Games People (and Politicians) Play

30 Oct

So now JD(S) wants to kiss and make up with the BJP. All of a sudden Kumaranna has changed colors and said that the Congress is the real enemy.

PaPPa Gowda apparently has given his blessing for Phase 2 of the drama. Fortunately the “vanavAsa” drama of last time is not being enacted. He has no problem allying with non-secular forces when it comes to power. Apparently S.M. Krishna is trying to split the JDS… Now where did SMK come from all of a sudden?

Venkiah Naidu of the BJP who had earlier called the JD(S) action of not transferring power the “biggest betrayal” now is lauding the JD(S)..

But wait…

Mr. M.P.Prakash the “trusted aide” now wants power and is becoming a “kabab me haddi”. The only problem is that he only has the support of 3 and a half MLAs. Apparently one of them left his brains in the Kumaraswamy camp.

The Saga continues…

A drama is being played out in the Cricket World as well… Vengsarkar who seems to have been born with his foot in his mouth is of the opinion that Dravid does not add value to the One-Day team. Oh ya? and Sehwag does?

Anil and Mukesh Ambani’s “fight” has made it to the Forbes list (didnt know Forbes had a list that categorized family feuds)… If I was worth $60 Billion, I would never fight with my brother (yes Aditya you are safe).. actually I would not fight with anybody 😉

Thaaku !!!

25 Oct

Was chatting with my Dad and Mom the other day and the stories of my escapades came up. These included the times when I was “delayed” coming back home from swimming to the time I was caught playing at the pinball arcade (all these call for their own separate posts).

I then asked my mom for the earliest incident she remembered. Her first recall was when I was two.

We used to live in Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) at the time. Dad had this Java motorcycle that used to carry the family around. So one day, the three of us have made the long trip from KGF to Bangalore. It was evening and mom said I was tired of the travel and sitting on her lap.. extremely cranky.. (I was 2 years old !!!!)

Once we were in Bangalore, Dad stopped at the MG Road-Brigade Road junction. As soon as he did it, I said “thaaku” (baby talk for “saaku” or enough)… got down from the motorbike and headed down Brigade Road (the first of many future walks) …mom had to run after me and retrieve me…

I think thats when they realized they had a challenge on their hands…

They recounted a few others that had conveniently escaped me. Am saving that for future writes.

They Grow up Fast

23 Oct

I went to pick Nikhil up at his school yesterday. Their school has two large buildings separated by a large field. One building houses the primary school (Classes Nursery to 6th) and the rest of the “brutes” are in the second.

Sitting in the middle, I saw the kids from the lower classes come out.. all tiny and playful. I was reminded of the days when Nikhil was the same age. Those days I used to look at the kids in the higher classes and wonder when N and friends would grow that tall… Now I wonder whether any of them were that size at all.

Then they came out.. Nikhil and four of his friends… all of whom I have seen from the time they were tiny tots.. ALL OF THEM taller than me 😦

They grow up fast ….

Now N wants to start blogging 🙂

Sights and Sounds of Bangalore

17 Oct

Who says you can’t do two things at the same time !!

This traffic cop seems to be running traffic and answering his mobile. Bravo !! While he was doing this traffic all around him was running in all directions.

P.S. I was not driving 



15 Oct

National High School was always the yardstick by which we used to measure our school. How many ranks did NHS get? How good is their TT team?(it was always muchhhhh better). Personally the one thing that always rankled me was… LET OFFS…

National High School always had more “Let Offs”… for those of you who do not know what it is… its where a teacher (or teachers) decide not to teach a session at the end of the day resulting in the school getting over early. All my friends a NHS used to rub this in… at VHS we NEVER had let offs (damn !!!!).

This affected me in many ways:

1. The guys would start playing earlier. By the time I got home the game of cricket was usually underway and I was made to wait a while before I got in.

2. Table Tennis at MNK Park… the NHS guys would come in and hog all the tables.. by the time we got there there was a huge queue of guys who had already “reserved” their place…to explain a bit.. there were two tables at MNK. The “A” table (for the really good guys) and the “B” table for grunts like me. When you entered the hall, you mark your place by uttering the words “I saw you”.. to the guys who were currently playing. Your turn would be just before their “next” turn.. then you would join the end of the line (literally) by plunking yourself on a bench.. this bench was like an assembly machine.. people moved closer and closer to the table until it was their turn… My life’s ambition was to turn up earlier than the NHS guys.. could NEVER manage it…

So to get even, one day I bunked an entire afternoon of school to get there early…only to find the bloody place closed for repairs 😦

So much for keeping up with the “Joneses”

Real Life J.R. Ewing – Who’s your pick

8 Oct

For those of you who remember the TV show Dallas, J.R. Ewing was a character to be loathed but grudgingly admired for unabashedly hoodwinking people.

While he was a fictitious character, Indian politics is rife with real world examples. The events of the last few weeks in Karnataka only give us more candidates to add to the already voluminous list.

So Who is your pick?  

Thud !!!!!

4 Oct

The Grand Old Men of Indian cricket are back… same Grand Old results… the people who were talking about the “New Indian Team” are back talking about the lack of mental toughness etc etc…

Now the Big 3 are going to be recycled… Each one is going to be rested while the other two play… I think by the end of the series all 3 will be rested… really feel sorry for Dhoni that hes saddled with this burden.

I dont know how many people remember what happened after India won the ’83 world cup. The West Indies came immediately after and beat us to pulp.. I hope history wont repeat itself this time around…