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In All “Fairness”

25 Jun

“Wanted Fair Bride….for fair and handsome groom…” (they forget to mention groom has buck teeth)
“How come he/she is so dark…must be inherited from his/her father’s side”….

Whats this obsession with fairness???

We have all kinds of ads promising to make you “white”…

The dumbest is this vaseline ad (Video below) where the coach says something to the effect ..”You are great in practice..but then you need to wear a tennis dress”…

Girl realizes that shes too colorful (read not white) for a tennis dress and decides to do something…

Girl then goes off and applies loads of vaseline, comes back and executes a perfect shot off the net to win the tournament..I think her fairness blinds the opponent…

What the f***…they even have a shade meter..

…and I am not even going to talk about those brilliant “Fair and Lovely” ads…

South Thindis – Stay South of It

23 Jun

Decided to check out this place called “South Thindis” (not to be confused with another restaurant called South Indies in Indiranagar) over the weekend.

It was new…

I like new places because worst case the plates are new. Plus this guy was supposed to make some “traditional” stuff as well… Unfortunately it turned out to be yet another crowded fast food joint. Its not often that the son and I come back grumbling from eating out.

These days they all taste the same…same sambar, same vada, same chutney..maybe all of them have one large underground kitchen…

Anyway, my accompanying expert gave the place a B (which is strange since he gives most places an A)…I’ll give it an “A” for the get up and a “C” for the food..

The expert’s comment “We should have gone  to Vidyarthi Bhavan”

Location: On Kanakapura Rd (near Krishna Rao Park)


17 Jun

Have started updating my other blog for first time entrepreneurs by “popular” demand.

Give them a break… Shut Up !!!!!!

16 Jun

Ok all this time it was hero worship for Dhoni’s boys. Now our fickle media has turned on them. One idiotic channel was running a poll on whether Dhoni should remain captain while the sports editors were crying themselves hoarse with their take on the issue (I’d like to see them play).

Heres some advise for the media:

  • India lost..they lost..any team can lose. Get that into your thick skulls.
  • Stop pontificating and analyzing things to death. Its just a game.
  • And please dont get former players to come in and comment. Most of the old buzzards are pissed that the current crop make more money than they do.
  • A special request to Times Now TV… ask Boria Majumdar to stop shouting into the mike. We can hear him well.
  • There are other things to worry about other than why India got beaten in T20. Focus on that !!

For instance focus on why Harsha Bhogale is wearing that ridiculous wig. That has to be more interesting. Is it a wig? Does it have a sponsor? Does he have different colors..will that solve the Kashmir issue? What effect will it have on global warming?

you guys are used to discussing such things anyway so this is right up your alley.

Give team India a break..these things happen…chill out and SHUT THE **** up.

Jinxing It – Part II

16 Jun

All the while it was me jinxing it. Now apparently my car has that effect as well. Its the general belief that any work that needs to get done is delayed if we use my car. Here are some examples:

1. Have to pay Nikhils fee in college. We take my car and they have postponed fee collection by a day.

2. Have to buy books.. take my is closed…

These are just some of the examples… Now I am wondering if the car is a jinx or the people are 😉

I think we use jinxes as convinient excuses for things that dont happen. “The work did not get done because the cat crossed my path” is a common phrase, or I have heard people say “Everytime I see this guy/lady something bad happens”.

I guess its human nature to look for scapegoats 😦 .. do we???

The “Scam”

2 Jun

I felt a tap on my shoulder….

I was sitting on the steps of SLV drinking coffee after my morning walk. I turned around and the “person” who was tapping me was a dog.

“He wants you to feed him” says a by-stander.

The dog continued to tap me on my shoulder as if to tell me “Hey about some biscuits for me”. On that day I had no camera (mobile phone was at home).

So I beckon to the boy minding the store next to SLV and ask him for a packet of bikis. Suddenly there were 2 other dogs in front of me. All of them patiently waiting for their turns. No barking…no jumping around..they knew they’d get their share. It was a scam they had pulled before…

So I split the pack into three, fed them and made my way home…

Today I had my camera with me and I caught the “tapper” scamming someone else..and yes he got his biscuits.