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Let the barking begin

29 Nov

“I hate him. I like him. We want him. We don’t want him.” Yes my friends, India is likely to have a new coach.

Apparently Gary Kirsten has been appointed. I hear theres a queue outside the TV stations with former cricketers from all over the world wanting to air their views. Mild lathi charge has been resorted to.

For their part the media is digging up all the dirt on the guy. Some even have access to his dairy which apparently has negative references to India. Some like him,some don’t. Others feel they must have gotten the chance, while some others feel that Indians don’t get the job because they don’t use Fair and Lovely.

In all this, the alleged incumbent hasn’t accepted the job yet. I wonder if we will have another “Ford Like” incident.

In the meantime, heres a suggestion, why can’t we look at Yediurappa as the coach? Lets give him some post. Looks like no one wants the BCCI job. He can be coach for 20 months 😉

Bangalore Circa 1946

27 Nov

Do you recognize these places?

brigade.jpg mgroad.jpgstmarks.jpg

From Left: Brigade Road, MG Road, St Marks/MG Road Junction

mayohall.jpg townhall.jpg

From Left: Mayo Hall (MG Road) and Town Hall (JC Road. Observe the two way traffic)

Finally I leave it to you to guess which this road is. Its one of the busiest and a major artery today and leads to the HQs of several large companies.


Low Lower Lowest

20 Nov

So finally the JDS pulled the rug from under the BJP. I wonder what goes through Gowda’s mind? How low can he stoop.

Anyway heres some cliches that we can attribute to Yeddy:

1. So near and yet so…

2. Many a slip between the cup and…

3. Anthu inthu Kunthi makkalige rajya illa

Apparently the discord arose when each party wanted the rights to the mines in Bellary. In other words they wanted first rights to pillage. The fact that this is being discussed openly shows how morally bereft they are.

It is interesting that in a democracy, the people have no say and they have to sit and watch these comedians in action.

Churumuri carried a post yesterday which begged the question whether Karnataka was the Bihar of the south... or should it be the other way around?

Maybe the excuse will be “Sorry.. I am only used to taking and not giving…”

How do you pronounce Yediyurappa?

13 Nov

So we have a new CM. The news anchors are having a hell of a time pronouncing his name.

Rajdeep Sardesai of CNN/IBN pronounced the name as “Yedderurappa”

Other pronunciations include:

Yedererappa, Yedvarappa, Yedoooreppa… one news reader on a Hindi channel got so “tripped up” that he stumbled through the rest of his story…

I am amazed that they don’t take the time to find out how a name is pronounced before they go on National TV.

Back from Tirupati

9 Nov

It was a great visit, good darshan. Its not often that you get to spend 45 minutes in front of the deity in Tirupati. This time I did, thanks to the seva ticket that my friend booked for me (no I did not use any influence).

The only sad thing about the whole visit it the security that one has to go through starting with getting your car inspected at the foothills. I still remember the old days when you could zip all the way up. I guess the security is needed in keeping with the times.

On the way to Tirupati we visited a place called Kanipakam (Lord Ganesh). I could not help but capture this wonderful sign.


Happy Deepavali

7 Nov

Just a quick post wishing everyone a happy and safe Deepavali. I am on my way to Tirupati and writing this post using my mobile. Technology is great isn’t it?