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Cooking Eggs with your Mobile

31 Aug

Saw this on YouTube… dont know if it is true or a trick… one thing remains though…There is radiation.

Jab tere dard…

30 Aug

By Aditya

I’ve never been a fan of ghazals (probably because I have a less than adequate grasp of the language(s)) but I came across this simple classic which is really beautiful. It’s considered to be one of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s finest. Listen to it here.

Jab tere dard mein dil dukhta tha
Hum tere haq mein dua kartay thay
Hum bhee chup chaap phira kartay thay
Jab teri dhun mein jiya kartay thay

The translation (with plenty of help from Google) is roughly:
When my heart ached from the pain of your memory
I offered a prayer in your name
I wandered around in silence
When I lived in the tune of your melody

…And yes, it does lose a lot in translation.

This is BRUTAL

28 Aug

Talk about taking the law into your own hands.

A mob in Bihar lynched a pickpocket who was caught in the act. Is this something that happens in civilized society?  Is this because we don’t have faith in the law?

Other examples include how fights start when accidents happen. People who aren’t even involved in the accident start fighting.

Is this a culture thing? Whats wrong here?

Crazy Ads

27 Aug

Its getting tougher to watch Ads with Nikhil especially when he insists on an explanation. Even scarier is when he offers his own explanation. So much so that I am now scared of watching TV with the guy. Doesn’t help when the ads have their own convoluted way to get their message across.

The latest barrage of questions came when we were watching ICE AGE 2.. supposedly a kids movie and suddenly a sanitary napkin ad pops up (during a kids movie!!!????). I don’t remember the name of the brand but it goes like this.

Some kids are building Castles on the beach when suddenly a wave comes in and destroys the castle. While they are looking forlorn, the lady who has accompanied them suddenly remembers the contours of her sanitary napkin and proceeds to draw them on the beach. The next wave of course gets handled well and the castle survives….

So Nikhil pipes up… his first question is “What is this advertisement selling?”… when I have recovered fully I tell him its nothing that he would ever buy (prompting a cold stare from the wife).

His next question (by pure self analysis) was “Does it have anything to do with flooding?” (I think he legitimately meant flooding on the beach)….

I got up, bowed to my wife and said “I will leave it to you”…and quickly walked out of the room.

If looks could kill.. I wouldnt be writing this post 😉

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Ok Ok.. I am responsible

21 Aug

My brother cannot swim and I am responsible 😦

Being the baby of the family, he had a more structured upbringing than I did. My swimming was learnt at Channammana Kere (tank) in Banashankari and the Jayanagar Public Swimming pool (Auto drivers used to come to the pool for their afternoon bath).

Aditya was a little more precious to us. So, it was decided that he would have a coach and that he would be enrolled into the coaching camp at Century Club one summer.

So, off to camp he went. I kept hearing that he was progressing well and decided to accompany my mother one day to watch him first hand. So heres the kid, wading around in the pool and paddling around like a puppy, refusing to put his head under the water.

“HEY Dittu, thale kelaGe neerAlli HaKo (put your head underwater)” I said. My calls went unheeded (he actually refused). I was standing at the edge of the pool. When he came within reach, I put my foot out on his head and pushed him inside !!!!

“#@$$%%@#@ .. Loafer” (sputter, sputter), “$%%####%%^.. Idiot, Loafer” (sputter, sputter)… this was all he could say when he came out. He was clinging to the pool side as if his life depended on it and caughing/choking/cursing all at the same time. Despite all that, I was getting my foot ready to put him back underwater again when Mom came over and pulled me away. Still yelling, he made his way to ladder, climbed out of the pool and NEVER went back again.

Wish I hadn’t done that… Should have used my hand instead 😉

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Waiting for Nokia

20 Aug

So looks like my battery needs replacement.

Unless you’ve been on another planet most of you know that Nokia is replacing batteries that were manufactured by Matsushita Corporation. They have this wonderful web site that allows you to enter the serial number and then if you need a replacement, they promise to send it to you ASAP (on TV they promised to send it the next day. Of course that was for publicity).

I went to the site and they decided I needed a new battery. That was 5 days ago and I am still waiting 😦

In the meantime, am I holding a clicking Time Bomb? Probably not. But I would have expected Nokia to at least give me a place to remind them. They don’t !!!!


Heres a page where you can send in your complaint about anything. Remember to select “Yes” when they ask if you have visited a Nokia care center. After that just enter your information and ask about your battery.

I have done so. Don’t know what response I’ll get 😉,,45383,00.html

What the ….? – Aug 18

18 Aug

A pretty slow week. Not enough idiocy around 😦

The whole week has seen a Tango between the Left bros led by Karat and the PM. Looks like the PM called their bluff and the left has no guts to pull the plug. Where else can they enjoy power without responsibility. Latest update, Honeymoon Over, Marraige Still On… hidden meaning… “We are desperate for power”. Of course Sitaram Kachori will deny all this.

Budhia’s (the kid runner) mom finally figured out that his coach was out to make money from him… looks like it took a while for that to sink in. Of course the coach is saying he sacrificed so much for Budhia etc etc… His punishment? He should be made to run the same distances that he made that poor kid run.

Somebody give Zaheer Khan a sock to stuff in his mouth… he came out against Dravid’s statement that the bowlers were tired.. Hey Zaheer… are you part of the team or are you packing it up to go to the ICL?

Sunil Gavaskar was voted India’s sports icon post independance… Is he? On another note, who was India’s sports icon pre-independance?

Did anyone see the video clip of Vivek Oberoi “apologizing” to Salman Khan? This qualifies for the “What the ….?” award for this week. The guy looked like an idiot.