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The Japs – What will they think of next?

13 May


First it was the toilets now this?

Bra that grows rice developed in Japan. This has been done to get the women interested in agriculture. 

To Quote:

“Over the last year, young Japanese women have taken a tremendous interest in agriculture. We wanted other women to experience farming as well,” Triumph spokeswoman Yoshiko Masuda said.

“Home kits that allow people to grow their own rice are very popular online. We thought that it would be fun if a bra could give people the same experience,” said Mr Masuda.

Full Story Here.

Come to think of it, it could have been worse…they could have had palm trees…

Picture Courtesy: The Telegraph UK









The Smile

12 May
A friend’s dog. Gentle guy…always smiling…

The Smiling Dog

Ball Marr Re !!!!!

10 May

“Yei ball hidiyo ninn ajii” 

“Ree.. yaar ri helu kottiddu nimage fielding-u”

“yei Ahmed..teek se khel baa..”

“dai ravi… yenna daaa panre ange adi raa baal-e…”


“yeeey caaaaatch !!!!”

“lei adda yako barthiya nann magane?”

 “ree side kodri…namm match aadbeko bedvo?”

“ondaro sariyagi hidiyo ninn ayyan”

“yemra least ball aara petko raa”

“achar-re good shaaat”

These are conversations from different cricket matches all happening within 50 feet of each other…come weekends, the National College Grounds play host to 100’s of tennis ball matches that are played simultaeneously and seemingly with every game adjoining the other…

However the players know exactly where the boundaries are.. and they know exactly who is in which match…it looks like chaos but there is order..they come from all over the place with one intent…to play cricket…

This, Madhavan Park and the ground in Malleswaram are the last bastions for weekend cricket. MNK Park used to be one before it was converted to a “walker’s paradise”.

Of course come election time, the field is used and misused for political rallies…the cricketers wait patiently.. 

A Sea of Games

Signs to make you laugh

6 May