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Switch off your #@$%%% mobile on the plane !!!!!

27 Feb

I am ranting again … @#%$%^&^

Back from a day trip to Delhi. I think we need to do something about people using mobile phones on aircraft. Either that or force people to check in their mobile phones at the entrance to the plane (just like their jackets)… I mean its amazing that even after repeated announcements, phones are still ringing …. AND people are still talking while planes are taking off and landing… Can’t these people take a simple instruction? The Air Hostess almost throttled a guy yesterday and I dont blame her.

Heres a possible punishment.. if you dont switch off your mobile phone on the plane, then every passenger on the plane gets to slap you…. one quick one… whapp !!!

BPO Transport – Who is responsible?

22 Feb

So the former head of HP Globalsoft Som Mittal is going to be prosecuted for “negligence”. What happened was very tragic and better planning of security could have prevented the tragedy.

My rant however is not about that but about something I see everyday on the road. There is a major “underground business” that exists today. BPO pickup vehicles have become an alternative to public transport. Often I see them just stop in the middle of the road to pick up people who are thumbing a ride. I have also seen people get out of these vehicles and pay the driver.

How does one control this? Can the CEO of the company monitor what happens to these vehicles once they leave the campus?

Yes one can say that you can put security guards on these vehicles, but a lot of these vehicles I have seen (picking up people and collecting money) have security guards. So obviously they are in cohoots. For all you know, the wrong person can get into the cab in the guise of asking for a ride.

Whats the solution? Not offering transport at all? Preventing women from odd hour shifts? Better training and working conditions for drivers?

The Morning After

21 Feb

The News channels have gone hoarse talking about the IPL.. Is it good? Is it bad? Are we losing our way? Everyone is an analyst.. ex-players, ex-models, ex-movie stars, ex-exs.. EVERYONE…

Players are happy that they’ve made a lot of money (please read the fine print. Knowing the BCCI, I’d do that).

BCCI is delirious – Look at the money they have made. They are even willing to share it with the players.

TV Guys are ecstatic.. they have something to talk about.

Ex-Crickteers are happy – Job opportunities opening up.. no not as coaches but as analysts.

The only ones that are nervous (in my opinion) are the owners of the franchises. They are hoping that their investments pay off and that people fill the stadiums…we’ll see.

Funny thing on TV was Preity Zinta talking cricket strategy… and the TV reporters actually asking her questions about it…

Its a Three Ring Circus folks !!

Now the names… the Bangalore Team has been named Royal Challengers (just two letters added to Royal Challenge which is a United Breweries brand name)…

Not too thrilled with the Bangalore team. But then one thing is sure, knowing Vijay Mallya, they’ll at least be the best attired.. if nothing else.

Finally a Question: How long will it be before a player grumbles that hes not being paid as much as the other guy? Days, Weeks, Months, Never? Pray Tell…

The IPL Auction

20 Feb

Its underway as I type this. Symonds has gone to Hyderabad for $1 Million plus and joins Adam Gilchrist.

All teams look to be in the thick of things….. EXCEPT Bangalore and Mumbai (the two most expensive franchises)… Maybe these guys spent all their money in buying the franchise?

Wonder why?????????????

Chennai bought Dhoni and Murali.. and spent all its salary cap. The rest of the players will be provided free boarding and lodging.

UPDATE: A comment from a long time reader but first time commenter, Vatsala (aka Mom) below:

What have they made of cricket and cricketeers. I can think of horses running and people betting on horses. I believe there was a king who used to dress up people as chess pawns and play chess. That was some kind of chess. enter stars and businessmen!!!! Where will the cricket go?

A “cultural and culinary” night out

15 Feb

Nikhil and I decided to try out the Kamat Bugle Rock Restaurant last weekend. I love North Karnataka food. Nice and spicy.

While I have been there before, the thing that caught my attention this time was the live Carnatic Music they had, and a good one at that. An evening of good food and culture.

Of course the son was solely focussed on his food. Several attempts to direct his attention to the music performance were met with grunts followed by a bored glance at the folks on stage.

 Pictures of the Performers below (both on the stage and in the kitchen)

kbr1.jpg kbr2.jpg

46 Years and Going Strong

13 Feb

This Valentines day my Dad and Mom will celebrate their 46th wedding aniversary. 46 years of “mutual pain and suffering” as my dad likes to say. Surely he jests.

“Valentinoo illa shalantinoo illa” my mom says. Those days it was just another day. In fact my mom jokes that my dad is probably the most “un-valentine”  like man of all.

Dad is a great armchair quarterback when it comes to mom…Here are some examples.

1.  “Yene.. who was the fool taught you how to drive? You drive like a novice even after 40 years of driving” (it was him).

2. “Everythings okay with the Bise Bele Baath.. but theres something missing…My mother used to make it just right” (he does not see amma approaching him from behing with a knife in hand).

3. He has her type his correspondence on her computer. If theres any delay in getting a printout or the computer goes to sleep (like it normally does), its time to throw the computer,printer, electrical cords… everything out of the window.

4. Mom does not like to throw anything away. Even a teaspoon of dough is preserved and somehow used sometime. Drives mom beserk when he rummages through the fridge and starts throwing anything that he thinks is “not suitable”

5. Dad’s terrible with names…many a times he has confused one set of children with a different set of parents. I still remember the stunned look of an acquaitance when my dad asked him if his parents were still in Chennai.. except he was  Bengali whose parents lived in Calcutta all their lives.

6. Cannot watch a sitcom without falling asleep… but demands that she tell him the entire story of what he missed (and he falls asleep then as well).

7. For the record, he is yet to watch “My Fair Lady” which has been “aired” in our house many many times. Every time he falls asleep by the time the initial titles are shown (he insists we start at the beginning)

8. He likes certain food but will not eat it because he says “Its too easy to make”.

9. He’ll spend hours lecturing mom on how to do something and then do exactly the opposite.

10. Dad always thought he had a mechanical bent of mind. That explains a lot of broken machines in the house.

With all this, I am sure they will not change anything in their lives …. except for the time when Aditya threw up at Dasaprakash Paradise in Mysore.. sorry man needed to throw that in.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. Heres wishing you many more.

A letter from a Teacher

13 Feb

Mukund (’74-’77) Writes:

DJS -Mrs Shashikala was my class teacher -1974-77 and she  took vrs and started working at a poor children school. Now she has started a school and requested me to associate  and also requested me to spread word to  old students of VHS, please  find below her mail – if anybody is interested in this venture, her contact details are:

Dear Mukund,
Wishing you and your family a happy Christmas and blessed
New year.
I would like to inform about my organization “Witness Foundation”
this deals with Working with underprivileged children, Conducting free
Medical camps and training the weaker Section women to develop Skill
and to be independent for better life and Many more plans,
Kindly involve in this project, Support this good cause
to bring Smile on the faces of the poor.
       Warm regards

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Finally saw ‘Taare Zameen Par’

10 Feb

When Nikhil insisted that we go see ‘Taare Zameen Par’ on Saturday, I reluctantly agreed. Not a big film person.

My general cinema count is one movie per year tops. But I am glad I went. It was a movie thats well made, not too much melodrama, and excellent songs.

Loved the movie. I must admit that I sniffled a couple of times but I was much better than the Husband and Wife sitting behind me who were sobbing. Nikhil on the other hand claims that he ‘controlled’ himself and did not cry… Liar…

If this is the only movie I see this year.. I am glad I chose Taare Zameen Par.

Marketing Messages

7 Feb

Going back in time, there used to be this old woman who ran a popular roadside eatery (Bonda, Vade etc) in Jayanagar. For the longest time she had this young man who was an assistant. Obviously he was learning the tricks of the trade, recipes etc.

One fine day he decides to branch off on his own and set up across the street. To attract customers he puts up a sign that said “Opposite Shop Moved Here”.. much to the annoyance of his previous employer.

Not to be outdone the old woman puts up a sign that said “Opposite Shop Not Moved Here”.

Good old eateries of NAMMA BENGALOORU

5 Feb

Mukund Writes on VHS Chronicles: 

When two Bangaloreans settle down for snacks (favourite dosa, idli, vada or ambode) and by-two coffee, they don’t just share what is served. They share a cultural outlook. These hotels gave birth to many literary and cultural movements in the state.

Who doesn’t know Vidyarthi Bhavan in Gandhi Bazar, its crisp rava vade, masala dosa and by-two capi?
It was a great centre of intellectual debates, literary discussions, and a meeting place for the Who’s Who of Kannada literature and culture till recently. Giants like D.V. Gundappa to Masti, Girish Karnad to U.R. Ananthamurthy, Raj Kumar(Annavaru) to Shankar Nag, cricket legends E.A.S. Prasanna, B.S. Chandrashekhar to G.R. Vishwanath and IT czars like NRN, B V Jagadeesh were regular visitors to this small, low roofed, Mangalore-tiled hotel.

Brahmins Coffee Bar in Chamarajpet is the best place for idli and vada.
Dwaraka Hotel on Bull Temple Road was once synonymous with the finest khali dosa.
The magnificent ‘Victoria Hotel’ opposite Mayo hall made way for an ugly, multi-storey mall, five years back. The prime minister of England and a celebrated Bangalorean Winston Churchill was its regular visitor between 1890-1910. It was one of the most beautiful buildings in Bangalore.

If you live around Sajjan Rao circle and Minerva Circle, you are sure to be familiar with New Modern Hotel (NMH) famous for its dosa and plate oota (or what the northerners call a thali meal).NMH was once a meeting place for Kannada cinema stalwarts.

Janatha Hotel, which is just a few feet from NMH, is equally popular for its Idly vade.

VB Bakery at Sajjan Rao Circle is no longer a hot favourite of old Bangalore. Today’s yuppie crowd has no time or taste for old-fashioned bakery stuff! It was the cricketer Anil Kumble’s favourite haunt during his National College days.

Fort Lunch Home opposite the Bangalore Fort has now become a part of history.

Where do you go, if you want to taste an authentic Mysore meal on MG Road? Brindavana Hotel next to Sympony cinema is the obvious choice. This hotel, too, is on the way out.

Another old hotel serving an Udupi menu in neighbouring Ulsoor downed its shutters a month ago. Komal Hotel at the junction of Wheelers Road and Assaye road may live at best for another two or three years.

Big names like MTR, Janardhana Hotel, Udupi Krishna Bhavan, Sri Sagar (Malleswaram), Krishna Bhavan, Airlines Hotel, nearly 200-year-old Dewars Bar (known as Bangalore’s first bar !), road side eateries at Sajjan Rao circle and idli, dosa night hotels on Ibrahim Sahib street, many old hotels on the three-century-old Avenue road and historic India Coffee House on M.G. road also look like they are past their glory days, and are waiting to shut down.

Shall we now move to Cafe Coffee days, Darshinis, Pizza huts, Dominos, Chinese restaurants folks ?

[UPDATE]: Praneshachar points out some glaring omissions:  CTR, Veena Stores, Janata Hotel , all in Malleswaram. Acknowledged and updated.

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