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Marketing Messages

7 Feb

Going back in time, there used to be this old woman who ran a popular roadside eatery (Bonda, Vade etc) in Jayanagar. For the longest time she had this young man who was an assistant. Obviously he was learning the tricks of the trade, recipes etc.

One fine day he decides to branch off on his own and set up across the street. To attract customers he puts up a sign that said “Opposite Shop Moved Here”.. much to the annoyance of his previous employer.

Not to be outdone the old woman puts up a sign that said “Opposite Shop Not Moved Here”.

Sale, Sale, Sale – People, People, People

16 Jan

Scenes from a 50% off sale of shoes by Nike. Who says we don’t like a good deal. Yes I was there buying Nikhil a new pair (cheapskate that I am).

Was witness to a couple of arguments where two people wanted the same shoes. The parents were arguing. The children were smiling at each other.

sale1.jpg sale2.jpg


31 Dec

According to a friend of mine, theres another scam going around in the city.

Theres a company that sells the “Chapati Maker”. They usually demo this in stores like Nilgiris. Now they offer to do a demo at your house. For this you need to give them a “refundable” deposit of Rs. 100. They will return it in case you dont buy. Of course they come home and if you dont buy, they give you the name of a manager who will return the money.
The Name of this company:

Basic Associates in Cambridge Layout, Ulsoor.

P.S: I do have the receipt.

Sundry Thinkings

24 May

Three things hit me as I was reading the news today…

First my favorite subject… our own “Prince of the Soil” Kumaraswamy’s visit to Bidar district where he supposedly stays with the villagers. This time apparently he was at the house of a farmer who committed suicide. Well.. thats great except that the farmer’s family was made to vacate the house for the night and stay elsewhere. Apparently the entire house was whitewashed and redone for his visit.

Isn’t the whole point of these visits to spend time with the common folks?

The other was a picture sequence in the Deccan Herald which compared the Bangalore Metro Corporation’s work on MG road to the BBMP’s work on Race Course road. While BBMP as usual had strewn stuff all over the place, the Metro work in contrast was neat without causing any inconvinience to commuters. Why is this?

I guess the answer lies in accountability. The BBMP does things its way because they are arrogant and think they are NOT answerable to anyone. On the other hand, hawks are just waiting for the Metro to make even a small mistake so that they can pounce on them. They are ACCOUNTABLE which makes them more responsible.

I wonder when the BBMP will act with such professionalism… maybe if they are privatized?

Finally DD is piloting airing its channels on Mobile Phones. That is just great !!! Now we can be subjected to half baked, badly produced programs on the Mobile as well.

Another one let loose

15 Apr

Looks like our judiciary is making a habit of this.

Alistair Pereira the guy who ran over and killed 7 labourers is now serving a pittance of a jail sentence. The judge said that the police “botched” up the investigation. Hence the reduced punishment.

Does something smell fishy here?

Collection Kings

3 Apr

Ended up at home early on Tuesday evening and took a walk with Nikhil. We stopped by a Pani Puri gaadi to get a snack.

Suddenly this guy on the bike shows up and demands “collection” money from the Gaadi guy. “Yen guru ninne nu kotilla. Hege madidre boss ge kopa barutthe” (Loose translation: You havent paid up yesterday as well. The boss will get angry). So the guy hems and haws and makes excuses about how collections havent been good etc. The guy leaves with a promise/threat to show up later in the evening.

Exactly 5 minutes later 2 cops show up. The guy puts something in their hand and they walk away.

I ask him what this was about. Turns out that this guy has to keep both the cops and goons happy to stay in business. He wouldnt tell me how much he paid out.

So much for guardians of the law.

Ugadi Greetings I dont need

19 Mar

Driving around I see posters and banners from every two bit corporator, councilor, MLA and MP wishing people a happy Ugadi. Some of these even have strobe lights around them. As if thats not enough, their villanous pictures stare out of these posters.

Thats all I need. Getting wished by goons.

Oh ya. Guess who pays for this. Its the very people these guys are wishing. All the bills for these are footed by the small business owners who have to contribute to the “collection”.

Getting a stolen motorcycle back

6 Mar

Prakash our Admin manager had his motorcycle stolen 3-4 months ago. He lodged a police complaint, waited for a week or two and then proceeded to buy a new vehicle.

Suddenly one day, the cops called him and told him that his bike had been found and the culprit caught.

Now started the real nightmare. The process for getting his own bike back was arduous and expensive as it turned out.

He had to hire a lawyer to claim his bike back. Everyone one in the courts and police station blatantly asks for money (According to him it wasnt a demand, it was more of a “beg”). In addition, he had to spend an inordinate amount of his precious time in managing all this.

He came into my office yesterday and said that he finally took posession of his motorcycle. The price for getting his OWN bike back was Rs. 6000. This was the money that went towards lawyers, bribes for various court and police officials (including the sentry by the way).

So poor Prakash ends up with 2 motorcycles (one he doesnt need anymore) and is 6000 rupees poorer.

Meanwhile the thief is probably living a life of luxury. Public transport and free meals at the taxpayers expense (poor Prakash is probably paying for that as well).


RK Penned this wonderful poem on the fly. Had to include it here.

hosa bike taruva munna
prakash mukha bahala channa

haley bike bandhe banthu
besarada khushi thandhe thanthu

6000 aaithu maaye
mukhadalli besarada chaaye

prakash eega eradu bikegala saradara
parking samasyegenu parihara?

Do we deserve better Infrastructure – Part 2

2 Mar

Some time ago I ranted on whether we deserve better infrastructure.

There I had talked about the road in front of my house. Ever since its been laid new, cars, motorcycles etc have been whizzing past at breakneck speed. In my previous article, I said it would only be a matter of time before some before someone gets hurt.

Well it happened.

Today morning, the maid who works across the street was hit by a speeding motorcycle while walking along the left side of the road. She was dragged almost 10 feet. She was injured very badly but survived.

We are talking to the police to see if we can put up road humps. I hope they wake up before its too late.

Oh by the way the guy who hit the lady escaped.

The Watchman

8 Feb

The “Watchman” and his family are a common feature of any house that is under construction. Usually it is a family that the building contractor places onsite to keep an eye on things and help with odd jobs during construction.

If there is someone who truly sees your house literally rise from nothing into all its splendorous delight it is the good old watchman. Yet when the building is done, the first thing that happens before the house warming is they are moved elsewhere on the property (other than the main house).. suddenly their “value” decreases because now there are locks and bolts in the new house. The same thing happened when I built my house as well. So this is not a discourse, just an observation.

All these memories got jogged last evening during my walk when I passed next to a  just completed house and the watchman’s family was “packing up” to move out of the house. I overheard the contractor telling the watchman.. “No you can’t stay in the Garage, the Owner needs to park his car here for the next couple of days”… sigh…

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