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Deepavali 2008 – Part 1

28 Oct

Deepavali is underway.

Heres some pictures from this weekend as per a special request from My3. More pictures to follow.

You cannot tell that theres a downturn. The rush to buy firecrackers was the same as before

Someone forgot to tell us that there was a recession. The rush to buy firecrackers was the same as before

Firecrackers on Sale

Firecrackers on Sale


Sweets Galore

Sweets Galore


Chaat on Wheels. Notice the guy with the Mexican hat... whats the connection with Chaat?

Chaat on Wheels. Notice the guy with the Mexican hat... whats the connection with Chaat?


Inside the Chaat "shop"

Inside the Chaat "shop"


Lights at home

Lights at home


Looks like a battlezone but this Banashankari side-street normally is very very quiet

Looks like a battlezone but this Banashankari side-street normally is very very quiet


For those who want to watch… (a “bomb” going off)

Whats next folks? Sarees for men?

24 Sep

Apparently Skirts for men were the new thing at the India Coutre Week (link courtesy CNN/IBN ).

Whats next Sarees?

I’d like to see him walk down Brigade Road in this outfit…

UPDATE: As Mytri points out in her comments below, there was a time when Sarees were worn by men.. ayyo ayyo ayyo !!!!

Generation to Generation – 2

23 Sep

Feeling really silly…

Every generation thinks that they had a better time than the ones that followed. How many times have you heard your dad or your grandfather start a sentence with “During my times….” and you groan…

How many times have YOU started to say to your son or daughter “You see, when I was your age…” and immediately heard the sound of snoring…. I am willing to bet that you’ve done it quite a few times.. me too.. guilty as charged…

So heres a highly exaggerated version how different generations view things…

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Weekend “Out”

8 Sep

Couple of weeks ago, the wifey announced that she was going to go to Pune for the weekend to attend a function. High Fives were exchanged between Junior and I prompting the missus to almost cancel the trip and saying something to the effect that “You guys can’t wait to see the back of me”…. after that we toned down our celebrations…. A whole weekend of eating out, getting up late etc etc….

The trip was on this past Saturday and Sunday. But then on Friday, junior caught a cold and ended up with temparature for most of the weekend. So much for enjoying…

Anyhow we did manage a solitary outing. In one of my earlier posts Vinay had mentioned this tiny eatery in Jayanagar 4T Block that made great Khali Dose. We went there and were not disappointed. Pictures below:

Its a small place. A real Hole in the Wall. Seen inside in jeans is Junior wolfing down his breakfast.

Khali Dose – Nice and Fluffy

UPDATE: Location below (Name of the place is SLV)

Hrrumph I am back

1 Sep

Rumbled back into Bangalore around 2:30 AM by Dragon Air. Hopefully will not take that airline again. They delayed when they I left Bangalore and they delayed when they bought me back. Both times due to “technical” problems (which I feel is another way of saying “We have no frikkin idea of whats wrong”).

To top it all, they did not have any arrival immigration forms. Neither did the immigration desk 😦

As one immigration officer grumbled to me “This Dragon Air Fellows do this all the time”.

The crew itself was not bad and neither was the plane.. but for some reason the Air-Conditioning does not work. For some strange reason they have a technician travelling with the plane (in uniform). A little disconcerting 😦

Pictures of China Later…

Laugh Bytes

20 Aug

Two employees walking back to their seats after a particularly nasty meeting.

Employee 1: ” Man that was tough. Do you think I was being an A**hole?”

Employee 2: “No.. no.. not at all.. thats how you always are”

Sound of cymbals…

Eateries – My3 needs your help

18 Jul

One of my regular readers My3 (Mythri) is visiting India from the USA. Shes been in Bangalore for a few weeks. She suddenly surfaced today.. commenting from Bangalore.

If you folks have had vendors like Subbamma telling you that they are running short, its because My3 has been shopping for stuff to take back with her.

Shes done Dosas as Vidyarthi Bhavan, Idlis at Brahmins… NOW SHE WANTS a list of more places to eat.

I can suggest the following:

CTR and Veena Stores in Malleswaram

Janatha Hotel near VV Puram Circle

Modern Tiffin Rooms near VV Puram Circle

Vinay in an earlier comment had mentioned khali dose at an SLV in Jayanagar.

SLV in Bsk 2nd Stage.

Food Street in VV Puram – Especially the Bonda guy there

Any others? Please help her.. shes soon going back to the USA where she’ll eat chutney made from dessicated cocunut…