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The Queue

29 Oct

Playing Golf the other day, my friend Raghu and I played with a couple of old timers. Both these gentlemen were in their mid eighties. I just hope that I get there and if and when I do, I have the energy that these two had. They played 18 holes of golf and then told us that they would have a few beers before going home. Very endearing.

We loved the company. They were slow, but I enjoyed every minute with them. Some of the jokes would have made a sailor cringe (assuming they cringe).

The most touching moment however came when we were chatting at the midway break.

“We were a foursome” he said, his eyes misting.”We had been playing together since 1950. But now only two of us are left”.

There was a little pause when the other gentlemen piped up “Well we are also in the queue”…and they both chuckled.

Arent we all ??

Back from GITEX Dubai

20 Oct

Heres a cool video I shot. Amazing Robot.

Happy Deepavali – Wish I was home

16 Oct

For the first time in years and year, I am spending Deepavali away from home. Urgent work has taken me to Dubai. Ah well.. thats life..

For all of you, Heres wishing all of you A VERY HAPPY DEEPAVALI.