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He did it !!!!

26 May

CBSE Results came out today and Nikhil passed with flying colors.

Congrats to the boy and the mommy as well for her patience.

Yayyyyy !!!!

Board Exams – The Ongoing War

21 Jan
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These days I enter the house very carefully when I come back in the evenings. I could be entering a war zone…

You are right folks.. its exam time… X Std Board Exam time (actually its pre-board time). Its a time of constant battle between Mother and Son and I am an “innocent spectator”…

So heres the “normal” sequence of events (especially if something has happened)

He opens the door and then looks at me for a minute.. trying to gauge whether his mother has called me…

Mother is sitting in the room, randomly changing channels and starts watching an Urdu channel as I walk in…shes also holding a newspaper all wrong…

I wait…I wait for the complaint session to begin… usually the son waits till I am finished freshening up.. he accosts me in the room as I struggling into more comfortable clothes…

“I didnt do anything” he hisses.. a clear indication that hes in trouble…

“Well what didnt you do?”

“Whatever mum says I did.. I didn’t do”…he whispers as his mom switches off the TV…

“Well.. I see hes already spoken to you”… the mother says “Please ask him what his intentions are?”

In the meantime the son has headed back to his study table and keeps muttering…. I, in the meantime am trying to figure out which side I want to be on.. at the same time I am trying to finish getting dressed…

“Okay guys.. whats the problem?” I ask in my most “judicial” voice…

“Ask him” says the mother…

“Ask her” says the son…

Then they start off together.. something about not doing diagrams, something about yes I did diagrams,he never listens, yes I do… yada yada yada… I am in the meantime catching up on the news…

I know the fights ended when madam heads towards the kitchen and son heads back to his study table…

Its all over in 10 minutes… life gets back to normal.. mum calls out that dinner is ready.. Nikhil puts the plates out.. I eat…peace reigns until next time…

But its still a war zone..

Stay tuned…exams are in March..

Weekend “Out”

8 Sep

Couple of weeks ago, the wifey announced that she was going to go to Pune for the weekend to attend a function. High Fives were exchanged between Junior and I prompting the missus to almost cancel the trip and saying something to the effect that “You guys can’t wait to see the back of me”…. after that we toned down our celebrations…. A whole weekend of eating out, getting up late etc etc….

The trip was on this past Saturday and Sunday. But then on Friday, junior caught a cold and ended up with temparature for most of the weekend. So much for enjoying…

Anyhow we did manage a solitary outing. In one of my earlier posts Vinay had mentioned this tiny eatery in Jayanagar 4T Block that made great Khali Dose. We went there and were not disappointed. Pictures below:

Its a small place. A real Hole in the Wall. Seen inside in jeans is Junior wolfing down his breakfast.

Khali Dose – Nice and Fluffy

UPDATE: Location below (Name of the place is SLV)

Hot Topic – Pocket Money

6 Aug

So finally the demand/request has come. Nikhil today asked me for regular pocket money. I asked him how much and he said Rs. 100 per week month but he could need some extras…

“Some kids in my class get Rs. 1000 per week” he said… hoping that I would see how “lucky” I was.

How much pocket money should a 14 year old get? I am amazed that some parents actually give their kids a 1000 rupees a week.

So is there a number here? What is too little and what is too much?. We are due to discuss this topic today evening 🙂

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Any Homework?

9 Jun

Sunday Evening

Me (To Nikhil): Any Homework?
N: No..
Me: Any Notes to be completed? Any sums to be done?… anything?
N: No. No. No
Me: Sure?
N: Dont worry dad.. I am all up to date.

Monday Morning

N (Whispers urgently): Dad.. come here please !!!
Me: What?
N: I need the prose version of this poem.. please help me
N: Shhhh.. don’t want mom to hear…
N: Please..please…please… jumping and turning like a dog following its tail..
Me: No Way !!! Go back to studying…
N: ok.. (but just in case leaves a paper and pencil in front of me).

I write it…the wife keeps saying hes getting spoilt because of me…

Is he? Please do tell.

First time pictures

22 Apr

Nikhil is now the proud owner of an Olympus Digital Camera. In a moment of rare weakness I agreed to publish his first pictures on this blog. Theres no theme… just pictures.

Modern Tiffin Room is one of the oldest restaurants in the Gandhi Bazaar area. Well known for its Onion Dosa. (notice how all our “wanderings” start with food?)


The Fruit and Avarekayi Market on Kanakapura Road (very colorful in summer)

Finally whats a drive without a nice procession (the Bramhotsava of the Devagiri Venkateshwara Temple in Bsk 2nd Stage)





Promoted to Standard X

3 Apr

Thanks to MY hard work, junior has been promoted to tenth standard where he will now await board exams next year.
He also got an award for performance. THAT award should come to me 🙂