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Kids, Eating, and their poor Mothers

9 Apr

Kids, especially boys can drive their parents (especially mothers) up the wall. I am talking about the little ones, typically two to three years old.

My guy Nikhil was a terror when it came to eating, the wife and I had to keep coming up with different diversions to try and make him eat. For a while it was sitting in the sink in the kitchen with the water running. Then for a while it was a car chase scene in a Schwarzenegger movie (the particular scene got played over and over again while his majesty was dining), then it was one particular ad for a toothpaste and so on…

Then we came back to Bangalore. One of the first things I did was to go get him Malasa Puri at the local gaadi. Still remember the first “look” he gave me when he tasted the stuff. It was like “How come you guys haven’t been feeding me this all along”…

Cut to the present day, another precocious two plus year old is continuing in the same tradition. This time its the son of a close friend. Mum makes idly, he wants dosey, mum makes dosey, he wants something else…feeding sessions in their house involve the entire family, father, mother, grandad, grand mum, older usually finds the kid whizzing about the house chased by various elders trying to get him to eat.

Last week I stop by the house to drop something off and I see this feeding session going on. Hoping to contribute, I say “Hello S, hows your chapati?”…he looks at me, not even breaking a stride and says (in Kannada) “iDu shappathy alla doshe” (this is not Chapati, its dosey)…now suddenly he stops, looks at his mother (who is running after him with the Dose), puts his hand on his hips and then says “Nange iga shappathy beku” (I want chapati now).

I made a hasty exit !!!!

P.S: Haven’t taken S to the Gaadi yet !!