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Low waist and other teenage traumas

24 Feb

As the youngster in the house (also known as my son) gets not so younger, the gen gap starts hitting us from time to time. Its the hair (and haircuts), the usage of deodorants, name it and there are differences in opinion.

The main thing however (until last year) was this fascination with “low waist” trousers.

For the few who are not in the know..its essentially wearing ones pants such that the underwear label can be seen. Looks like the low waist thing was promoted by underwear companies to promote their labels. They originally tried the superman technique (wearing the underwear outside) but it didn’t seem to work.

So half way through 11th grade, junior decides that “low waist” is trendy. Sent the “conservative” side of the family into a tizzy. In this he was joined by my nephew (they are the same age), so that made two rebels. Add that to the “unkempt” look in the hair department the battle lines were drawn.

Now I can understand that one doesn’t want to wear his trousers to his chest, but this low waist thing where the fork almost sweeps the ground?? Does not make sense !!! It used to be quite bad till I think suddenly the peer group decided that this was not in style anymore (I am sure some girls commented on this).

Next the hair.. I swear that when junior goes to a haircut, he looks the same when he comes back as he did when he went there. In other words NO CHANGE. I think there must be a secret society there that is anti-haircut and anti-combing. Any combing done under duress lasts until he gets to the gate.

As I resign myself to the fact that nothing can be done, I also take hope in the fact that these styles keep changing often. Comments made by friends are taken more seriously. I am considering bribing one of his friends to comment about the hair and other things I don’t agree with. I am sure changes will happen immediately.

The Dictionary just got smaller – Fewer words to use

19 Feb

As the world gets smaller it seems like there are more and more “inappropriate” words. Take the example of ESPN which was talking about a loss by the NY Knicks in the NBA. The latest sensation there is Jeremy Lin who is of Chinese descent. The Knicks apparently lost the game because of a couple of turnovers that Lin committed. ESPN’s story about the loss had a headline “Chink in the Armour“. Now under normal circumstances this would be quite okay, but Lin’s Chinese descent made a perfectly okay statement not okay. Maybe the headline should have said “Kink in the Armour”, but I am sure there are several Kinks out there who would be offended.

Is everyone getting too touchy??