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If this business doesnt work out..the other will

29 Jun

An example of “Business Diversification”… Tailoring and Meals

All is Cure – Gastrick, Egjima and all types of secret diseases

23 Jun

Shakespeare cannot even hold a candle (or a dictionary) to this guy:

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Sorry. You have to pay for our lack of foresight…

20 Jun

Thats what the government and public bodies seem to tell us.

Progress for Bangalore comes at a very high price. The metro, the road widenings etc have one very common victim..the working middle class and in rural areas its the farmers.

I met a person recently who has received notification saying that he was going to lose his property to road widening. “We’ve lived here for 40 years” he said..”now they want to kick us out so they can make life easier for the new crowd. What about us? Where do we go now?”

Its progress but at what cost?

Then theres the Global Investors Meet where the Bidadi township is being revived. Wonder how many farmers lose their land here..unfortunately the opposition seems to be ticked off that they are missing out on the party rather than stand up for the common man…

Heres a question… How many politicians have lost their property to any of these road widening or metro exercises.

Most likely the answer will be ZERO.