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I am MAD !!!

31 May

I am Mad!!!.

Mad at the CBSE and pissed at the school.

These schools insist that you buy books with them. This year they told us that there were a few books in short supply and they would be supplied later. Now (yesterday) they nonchalantly inform the kids that these books need to be purchased in shops outside. Apparently there is a shortage of printed books. Of course they also mentioned that they will “refund” the money (maybe they can refund the money AND pick up my petrol tab while I am running around to get these books).

Is this something that should be happening in 2007? I remember shortages of books in the ’70’s (remember the queues for Lekhak books?). Don’t the schools send out the number of students they have?

This is ridiculous. Now we are running from pillar to post trying to get these books. None of the shops mentioned by the school are carrying these books.

Anyone know of shops across Bangalore that carry CBSE books?

What have we come to?

30 May

A kid who scores 91% in his exams commits suicide because he thinks his family cannot afford to fund his studies. Another girl commits suicide becuase her marks were not upto the expectation.

Do these incidents point to a failing in the Indian Educational System or is it just that we are driving our kids too hard with expectations that are too high?

Growing up, there was pressure to perform but not to this extent. In our days we were sent for tuitions only if we were weak in a particular subject, today one needs to go to tuition just to combat peer pressure.

I remember reading about the Japanese School system some years ago and the pressure to perform driving kids to take the extreme step. Are we becoming the same?

How can we address this?

Rain Rain !!

28 May

Spent Friday stuck in rain and traffic. Took me 2 hours to get from Koramangala to Bsk 2nd Stage mainly because of clogged roads. I could not help but appreciate the yeoman work that was being done by the traffic police and traffic wardens even at that late hour (this was at 9:30 PM).

Its easy for us to rant and rave at them but they face a daunting task and they are doing it to the best of their ability.

On another note…

Then yesterday, Nikhil and I stepped out to the corner shop for a quick juice in the evening. Just as we were finishing up it started pouring (never occured to us to look up at the sky when we left the house.. but then such thoughts don’t occur to us especially when we are going out for a quick snack)… anyway spent 45 minutes stuck in rain, less than 200m from the house… It has been a while since I was stuck in rain and have had to walk… the flooded roads seemed like rivers… After some time I started suggesting that we make a run for it…

Finally we decided to make a dash.. what a mistake that was… I was walking ahead with “N” behind me… our entire road was flooded and it was impossible to distinguish the pavement, road and gutters…we made it home ok.. but I can see that “N” will never again make a run for it (and I wont either).. and I swear he’ll look up at the sky the next time he decides to go out on a walk with me 😉

On a more serious note.. it was stupid of me to take a risk.. but at that moment it seemed like fun.. today morning I heard someone had fallen into an open manhole less that 10 feet from where we had walked.. fortunately people saw that and pulled him out..

Pics below from where we stood:


Sundry Thinkings

24 May

Three things hit me as I was reading the news today…

First my favorite subject… our own “Prince of the Soil” Kumaraswamy’s visit to Bidar district where he supposedly stays with the villagers. This time apparently he was at the house of a farmer who committed suicide. Well.. thats great except that the farmer’s family was made to vacate the house for the night and stay elsewhere. Apparently the entire house was whitewashed and redone for his visit.

Isn’t the whole point of these visits to spend time with the common folks?

The other was a picture sequence in the Deccan Herald which compared the Bangalore Metro Corporation’s work on MG road to the BBMP’s work on Race Course road. While BBMP as usual had strewn stuff all over the place, the Metro work in contrast was neat without causing any inconvinience to commuters. Why is this?

I guess the answer lies in accountability. The BBMP does things its way because they are arrogant and think they are NOT answerable to anyone. On the other hand, hawks are just waiting for the Metro to make even a small mistake so that they can pounce on them. They are ACCOUNTABLE which makes them more responsible.

I wonder when the BBMP will act with such professionalism… maybe if they are privatized?

Finally DD is piloting airing its channels on Mobile Phones. That is just great !!! Now we can be subjected to half baked, badly produced programs on the Mobile as well.

On Professionalism…

21 May

One of my business school professors was fond of saying “Everything you do and the way you do everything sends a message”. I’ve been reminded of this for the past few weeks when reading reports of Dav Whatmore canvassing the Indian board and putting himself up for the post of India’s cricket coach. Nothing wrong with a bit of self-promotion but he’s still under contract with Bangladesh and what’s more, is involved with a series against India. The classy thing to do would have been to indicate interest but not pursue the opportunity until the series with India was completed. What’s to be said about this guy’s professional ethics? I’d fire this guy if I were in the shoes of the Bangladesh Cricket Board.

Back to School

21 May

Nikhil’s school started today. Apparently started early so they can cover portions. I think its utterly unfair on the kids that they get a shorter holiday !!!!

Anyway he is not a happy camper. Neither are all the kids in his class.

This gets me thinking. Is there too much to cover? Are the teachers unable to plan properly so they can finish teaching in the allotted time?  How does opening school 10 days earlier help?

Will He? Won’t He?

19 May

I have always been intrigued by the so called jinx that politicians have against visiting Chamarajanagar… I wonder what got that started?  Apparently any CM who visits the place loses his office in 6 months.

Now our own Kumaraswamy has pledged to visit the place next week. We’ll see. Theres many a slip between the cup and the lip. However if the jinx takes 6 months to act he wont be CM anyway.. assuming that “appa” lets him hand over the reins to the BJP.

So what do you think? Will he.. or will he think of a really good excuse to cop out?