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“Austere, Austerer, Austerest”

15 Sep

Ok I made those words up…

Looks like there’s going to be a shortage of economy class seats on flights..our netas are falling on top of each other in their austerity drive..

Rahul Gandhi went by train…good for austerity..but bad for people who travel as there was chaos in the railway station (I saw it on TV)…what with the TV crews, security folks etc etc etc

I just hope that this austerity measure doesn’t get carried over to wearing fewer clothes…having said that..I came close to losing my lunch just thinking about it…

It started with economy class travel, then someone else decides to go by train, next by bullock cart and so on.. actually the best thing would be for these guys not to go anywhere at all…

Here’s a good piece on Xylene‘s blog…

Give them a break… Shut Up !!!!!!

16 Jun

Ok all this time it was hero worship for Dhoni’s boys. Now our fickle media has turned on them. One idiotic channel was running a poll on whether Dhoni should remain captain while the sports editors were crying themselves hoarse with their take on the issue (I’d like to see them play).

Heres some advise for the media:

  • India lost..they lost..any team can lose. Get that into your thick skulls.
  • Stop pontificating and analyzing things to death. Its just a game.
  • And please dont get former players to come in and comment. Most of the old buzzards are pissed that the current crop make more money than they do.
  • A special request to Times Now TV… ask Boria Majumdar to stop shouting into the mike. We can hear him well.
  • There are other things to worry about other than why India got beaten in T20. Focus on that !!

For instance focus on why Harsha Bhogale is wearing that ridiculous wig. That has to be more interesting. Is it a wig? Does it have a sponsor? Does he have different colors..will that solve the Kashmir issue? What effect will it have on global warming?

you guys are used to discussing such things anyway so this is right up your alley.

Give team India a break..these things happen…chill out and SHUT THE **** up.

Picture of the Yellection

1 May

Could not resist this. The Bachchan family showing off their “election markers”. Didn’t someone tell them it was on a “wrong” finger? (Photo Courtesy Deccan Herald)


Political Decisions

2 Apr

Getting into the election mood. Check out the new page: Vote for Capt. Gopinath

Have some fun while you are at it and visit the Politically Incorrect Page

Close encounters of the political kind

29 Mar

So had my first encounter of the season with a politician (ex-minister). Met him at a party hosted by a friend.

Found out the party was meant to expose the aforementioned neta and his party to us friends (we did not know it when we were invited).

So while the guy is regaling us with political stories someone mentions in passing that I blog…”Sir he is a blaaager sir” .

The guy clams up for the rest of the evening…no more political escapades.. damn !!!!

Anyway he has told us that the party contesting this election based on issues like Yekanaamic Development, Auntie Terror, Haaanesty, and Naaan Corruption (I think he meant ensuring that Naan Rotis dont get spoilt)…

I am feeling sooooo safe with all the assurances… now please excuse me.. a bunch us us have decided to go beat up on our good friend…

Ugadi Greetings

27 Mar

Heres wishing everyone Happy Ugadi.



7 Mar

Elections are close by, that means a lot of blog material. However the Supreme Court recently held bloggers accountable for things they write. That puts a considerable dampner on the proceedings. However theres nothing preventing me from writing about things in general. So here goes.

Some political parties are forming a “Third Front” to fight the coming elections. They claim to be forming a NON-Congress and a NON-BJP coalition. Here are a few other “NON’s” they can add:

Non-Principled, Non-Performing, Non-Sensical,Non-Ethical,Non-descript, Non-Starting… Non-Entities.

Heres an excuse used by politicians to promote their sons, daughters, in laws, drivers etc..

“The Party activists forced me to do it”

In the meantime there was a poll conducted to see if people wanted elections or the IPL (Indian Premier League)… guess who won?

Say that twice – And Fast !!!

30 Jan

Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu in New Zealand holds the record for the longest place name (okay say that twice).

It translates roughly as The summit where Tamatea, the man with the big knees, the climber of mountains, the land-swallower who travelled about, played his nose flute to his loved one. It has been listed in the Guinness World Records as one of the longest place names in the world. Must be tough having this for an address…

Thanks Ray Dixon for the post that set this process off.


Its a country of a billion plus people and you cannot satisfy everyone. Apparently the boxers are pissed that they were not considered for the Republic Day awards….Come on guys.. its bronze…  I don’t want to put their achievements down… but then Gold is Gold…

I know the question that will follow is “How else do we encourage these sports?”… well maybe by providing better facilities.. and kicking out the morons who run those organizations?

In the meantime the USA is deducting 55 Million from aid given to Pakistan. I think they have now started to charge taxes on their aid money…either that or they realized that Zardari was billing them for the army’s (and his) laundry as well.

US authorities deducted the amount while releasing only $101 million out of Pakistan’s claim of $156 million for expenses incurred on the campaign against terrorism till April 2008, said Shaukat Tarin, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance.

I read somewhere that till now they have received $73 Billion in Aid. Wonder where all that money went…

..and whats with these two?

It’s Shankaranthi Again

13 Jan

A very happy Shankaranthi to all. A time to give thanks for what we put on the table 🙂
Time to eat ….

Camel Ride and Other Pictures

13 Jan