Phew !!! The Budget is over

1 Mar

India’s annual three ring circus also called the Budget (pronounced bugget) is thankfully over.

As usual the TV channels carried extensive analysis with people from politics, industry giving their “expert” views. Even the common man on the street was interviewed extensively. The TV guys are glad when such an event happens because it gives the anchors a chance to use all the buzzwords they’ve been trained in. Some of the channels have these “face the nation” type programs where the host runs all over the studio getting views and of course giving his view as well.

India has a fascination for budgets. People take off early from work to “watch” the budget being presented. Family picnics have been organized. This is India’s answer to the superbowl. Many days are spent in “preparation” to watch the budget.

In fact at one time the budget was the most interesting program on the state run television (actually it still is).

Why do we have such a fascination? Its not like we can do anything about it. If the Finance Minister increases taxes, then he increases taxes.. me watching is not going to make a difference. Yet, I have friends who on budget day will be so tense that its impossible for them to do anything. First thing in the morning they’ll say.. “I need to go home to watch the budget”

Oh and then there are reactions…

1. People from the ruling party call it a “common” man’s budget (in fact all the budgets that have been presented in India over the last 60 years have been common man budgets).

2. The opposition always calls the budget an “Election Ploy” and uses terms like “anti people”, “communal”, “inflationary” etc.

3. The Industry captains have to be politically correct. They cant be too critical.. so they usually say things like, “This is a mixed budget”, “On expected lines”, “Balanced Budget” etc.

4. The common man usually is in a hurry to catch a bus when the TV crew catches up with him and says something like “Still tax is there.. what to do..”

I watched the railway budget at the airport earlier this week. Now that was exciting.. Aaaloo Prashad reading in engliss/Hindi, the opposition shouting… and he of the fodder scam announcing that all toilets on trains will henceforth be cleaned… and his ruling party colleagues thumping the tables in appreciation…

Finally the “pat”.. The PM and the Actual PM have both patted the FM. I wonder if he goes into a room and is patted.. ok ok being flippant here..

PISSED: Apparently Karunanidhi is pissed because his “errant” nephew Dayanidhi was sitting behind aaaLooo during the rail budget… hes going to be even more pissed now… Dayanidhi was sitting right behind Chidu as well… Reliable sources tell me that when Dayanidhi was asked about his uncle being “pissed off” said “Better to be pissed off than to be pissed on” (my PJ for this week)

7 Responses to “Phew !!! The Budget is over”

  1. Xylene March 1, 2008 at 4:22 am #

    haha good one.
    reactions > we get these for every budget. ! lol

  2. ramsblog March 1, 2008 at 5:01 pm #

    @Vijay: about “that all toilets on trains will henceforth be cleaned… and his ruling party colleagues thumping the tables in appreciation” –> makes me LOL! are they henceforth cleaned on “palace on wheels” or all trains? 🙂
    (disclaimer: not that i have travelled on either of these in several years now; i used the term “palace on wheels” just to refer another extreme and no particular reason. )

  3. Veena March 1, 2008 at 7:43 pm #

    Thankfully over? … 🙂

    Atleast next time swalpa tax uLitalri bidi… It makes a difference to us middle class bidi, adella nimagenu difference illa….!

  4. Vijay March 3, 2008 at 5:21 am #

    @xylene: The reactions are STILL underway.. 3 days later !!!!
    @ram: Watch this hilarious video
    @veena: yenri.. left handed compliment kodtheera?

  5. Chitra March 11, 2008 at 11:41 pm #

    “India’s answer to superbowl” ROFL Good one. :))


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