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Happy Ugadi – 2014 and the Elections are here

31 Mar

Happy Ugadi to All…really need to get back to Blogging. I miss writing.

Now that the Elections are here, it will definitely provide new fodder.

I miss Lallooo, Deve Gowda and the other stalwarts who provided so much to write about. Too bored to write about Rahul Gandhi…


Ugadi Greetings

27 Mar

Heres wishing everyone Happy Ugadi.


Ugadi Pictures

10 Apr

The day before Ugadi, Nikhil and I decided to take a walk in Gandhi Bazaar to soak up some of the sights and sounds…. actually it was really because the missus ordered us out of the house because we were getting in the way.

First stop was Vidyarthi Bhavan for a quick breakfast. The place was very crowded but being regulars, we were ushered into the store room where we ate sitting on some cardboard boxes… heres a view of the store and the Dosa.

Post that it was back to aimless wandering. Here are some pictures.


Sacks of Flowers, Mango Leaves waiting to be unpacked (Below)