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TV Reporters….Learn to !@#%^$$$ pronounce !!!!!

14 Oct

Dear Reporters and Newsreaders on CNN-IBN, Times Now,NDTV and all the other etc etc Channels… please note the following:

1. Its not Karnatak… its Karnataka…see the extra “A” at the end? Come on is it so hard?

2. Its Bengaluru not Bangaluru, not Bangaloooooru

3. The CM’s name is pronounced Sidda-raamaiah..NOT Sidda-ramya..if you can’t say it just say Siddu like the rest of us…

4. Finally its Kannada…not Kannad …again its just an extra “A”..if you guys need to get paid extra to say it..just say so to your employer !!!

Do I call you Rajdip? No its Rajdeep…

Do I call you Arnav..no its Arnab…

Do I call you..don’t remember the name of anyone on NDTV !!!!!

Take some time and effort before you start blabbering on National TV.. If you can’t, there are others who can…



Give them a break… Shut Up !!!!!!

16 Jun

Ok all this time it was hero worship for Dhoni’s boys. Now our fickle media has turned on them. One idiotic channel was running a poll on whether Dhoni should remain captain while the sports editors were crying themselves hoarse with their take on the issue (I’d like to see them play).

Heres some advise for the media:

  • India lost..they lost..any team can lose. Get that into your thick skulls.
  • Stop pontificating and analyzing things to death. Its just a game.
  • And please dont get former players to come in and comment. Most of the old buzzards are pissed that the current crop make more money than they do.
  • A special request to Times Now TV… ask Boria Majumdar to stop shouting into the mike. We can hear him well.
  • There are other things to worry about other than why India got beaten in T20. Focus on that !!

For instance focus on why Harsha Bhogale is wearing that ridiculous wig. That has to be more interesting. Is it a wig? Does it have a sponsor? Does he have different colors..will that solve the Kashmir issue? What effect will it have on global warming?

you guys are used to discussing such things anyway so this is right up your alley.

Give team India a break..these things happen…chill out and SHUT THE **** up.