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Nice Sunday

11 Aug

Junior and I saw a play at Ranga Shankara on Sunday. Though its been there for a while, it was the first time I actually saw a play there. And I loved it. The place is classily done. A true testimony to Shankar Nag. No ostentatious display and no hero worship. Its in his memory but in a very nice way.

The play itself was “Bandawalavillada Badayi”, a Kannada play by T.P. Kailasam. Very well performed and extremely funny.

Finally, whats a post without a rant…. heres some…

1. The organizers REPEATEDLY tell people to switch off their mobile phones. Yet some people leave it on. Whats more in FULL RINGTONE….. AND they keep answering calls in the middle of the play…. hey dude if you want to answer your phone in the middle of the play… DONT COME HERE !!!!

2. … why do people need to repeat everything the actors say.. and then laugh…

3. There was a lady behind me who probably knew the lines of the play…and she kept saying it…JUST BEFORE THE ACTORS SAID IT… aaaaargh… glad someone sushed her.

4. FINALLY…. its not stylish to walk in after the play has started. There was a group (and these were VOLUNTEERS and had badges) who were standing outside till the stage lights went on and then proceeded to trudge across the auditorium trying to find seats.