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Weekend Wonder-La

14 Oct

Went to Wonderla last weekend. Actually was dragged there by the two teenagers – My Son and Nephew. I went there braced for boredom but was pleasantly surprised. Its an extremely well landscaped place with enough lung space and some fantastic rides. Its extremely well maintained. Being a holiday the place was full but you never got the impression that it was crowded. We never waited more than 15 minutes for a ride.

Good things:

1. Nice and spacious
2. Great Rides for all age groups
3. Clean
4. Ample Parking

Not So Good

1. Food is so so (but then they need to feed a lot of people)
2. Staff can be a little bit friendlier (not easy considering the number of people they have to put up with)

Some pictures below:

Good Landscaping



Nephew and Son. They are happiest after being fed

The Rides are pretty cool as well


Now for my RANT !!!!

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Not so favorite dishes

31 Jul

Certain foods I DO NOT LIKE.

Son has similar tastes and I am accused of influencing them. I think its a hereditary thing. However the missus thinks its not. Its just me influencing him.

I must say Nikhil and I have more foods in common than he does with his mom. Thats more because of the quality of food I eat.. Pizzas, Chaats, and other healthy stuff…

Heres some of the stuff that I dont care for. Apologies (and sympathies) to those who do.

1. Sakkare Pongal – Rice was not meant to make sweet dishes.Pleeeease

2. Shame Gadde (dont know the English name) – It looks like a potato when its cooked… until you eat it..gets all gooey in side

3. Raw Bananas – Except chips all else should be banned

4. Banana Flowers and Stem – No no no… who thought about this?

5. Broccolli, Sweet Potato – @#$%#$

Whats your least favorite dish?

Will They Wont They???

8 Jul

… the episodes are more “gripping” than a Hindi Soap. There are more characters here… the Karats, Yechuris, Rajas, Bardhans and several other comedians…

Theres Manmohan the Hero in Distress being bolstered by his Heroine Soniaji…. plus old villanous uncles like Mulayam/Amar Singh and Deve Gowda (with his 2.5 seats) now are coming back into the family and want to sing songs with Manny the Man.

In all this the hero is currently in Japan waiting to sing a song with Bush against the backdrop of Mount Fuji.

Meanwhile the former friends keep threatening… “We’ll withdraw today.. tomorrow”… “We’ll withdraw if Manny goes to the G8 Summit”… “We’ll withdraw if he wears a red underwear”… etc etc…

But till now.. countless politburo meetings later… they are still threatening…getting off the gravy train will not be easy. Where else can they have power without any responsibility…

Latest news is our own “Sin of the Soil” wants to tango…. way to go !!!!


27 Jun

Sometime ago, Aditya had blogged about Vinay.. a friend of his who had AML ((Acute Myeloid Leukemia).

There was a ray of hope when he managed to find a donor. But that was not to be, as he succumbed to the disease on the 25th of June. Though I did not know him, I came to appreciate the grit shown by him and his ability to bring people together for a common cause – in this case, establishing a bone marrow registry for South Asians in the USA.

RIP Vinay… You are an inspiration.

To Catch a “Thief”

28 May

We have a “Mallige” plant in front of our house. A small portion of the plant overlaps the compound onto the street, which means all the flowers that grow there get “stolen” by an assorment of morning walkers, people collecting flowers for puja from other peoples houses.

Last evening, Nikhil decides to “Catch the Thief” and give him a piece of his mind. His mother tries to dissuade him by saying its okay. But the young man wants his adventure. Hoping that

He gets up very early and starts patrolling the driveway waiting for the looter to show up.

After some time, hes back indoors and hes very quiet. Heres the conversation that went on:

Me: “So Did you catch the thief?”

N: “Hmmmmphhh…mumble mumble…”

Me: “What?”

N (sheepishly): “Yes.”

Me: “Okay.. so what happened?”

Heres his story:

He hears someone picking at the flowers. Rushes outside only to find this old woman carrying a small baby who is helping granny pick the flowers.

Me: “So did you tell them to go away?”

N: “No.”

Me:”Did you give them a good scolding?”

N: “No.”

Me: “So what did you do?”

N (grinning): “Well…I told them if they needed any flowers from the inside, they are welcome to it.”

Me: “Hmmm.. so you weren’t angry… didn’t give them a piece of your mind?”

N: “Daaaaad !!!!”

Mom (stepping into the conversation): “Now that your adventure is over, can you please return to your Math?”

I think he learnt that everything is not what it appears to be.