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US Presidential Elections – Reactions

7 Nov

Obama has been re-elected. Leaders from all around the world have reacted to his elections. While you might have heard or read reactions from several of them, local politicians and the common man reacted to Obama’s election as well. Here is what they had to say:

Deve Gowda : I invite Sri Obama to join the 3rd front….SnoreeeeZZzzzzzzzz !!!!

Lalloo Yadav: “I am the very happy that my brather Obama has victoried in election. I am pleased to present 3 buffaloes to him”

Vatal Nagaraj : Down with Obama… he speaks only Englishu

Yeddy: I invite Obama to Bengaluru to launch my party and make me CM… I also hereby request the CM to allot him a 60X40 site…

Common Man: “Obama, Shobama I don’t care? Will it make BBMP pick up the garbage???


In the meantime, Arnab Goswami, Rajdeep Sardesai et all will all be trying to get “EXCLUSIVE” interviews with Obama’s Senior Assistant Joint Press Intern to talk about what Obama’s second term holds for India…also present will be all the doyens of the Indian Software industry who will hold forth on crucial world changing issues like billing rates and visa regimes…


China gets the real thing, we get retirees

15 Nov

 Obama visits China and will probably visit India during the last month of his second term.

Has anyone observed that US presidents only seems to tour India when they are at the end of their tenure? In other words when they are being put out to pasture.
They then tour India speaking at CEO/Leadership conferences and making a nice little packet. Obviously they can’t go to China now because either they are not understood there or just because they are not wanted.

Case in point George W Bush and Clinton.

…and we want to be a world power 😦

On a completely unrelated note heres a funny piece from The Onion.