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What the **** moment from Airtel

11 Aug

I know operators are looking to increase efficiency. Sometimes however they can go overboard.

For the last several months they have been sending text messages reminding me that the bill is due (NOTE this starts much before the due date). I get at least 2 messages for every billing cycle. Its annoying because I have never defaulted and I dont need cute SMSs reminding me. But still its okay…
Yesterday was the so called “icing” on the cake..and the guy/department who thought about it should be “rewarded”.

I get a call and pick the phone up. Its a bloody “Automated Message” from Airtel reminding me that my bill is due in 2 days…so I hang up and the bloody thing calls again…

I have 2 SIMS attached to this account, another call went to that phone as well… I called the support center and told the kind lady that if I get another phone call, I will cancel my subscription.

An hour AFTER I talked to the support desk…another call…

What a dumb idea !!! Mobile number portability..where art thou?

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