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“Man” for sale “Soon” and other what the ****s

2 Aug

No I am not talking about putting junior on sale..heres a picture that was sent by N.R. Ramesh

In other news…

The BBMP has started removing “illegal” road humps in Bangalore. Some road humps are over 2 storeys high (I kid of course)…in the process of removal, there are now deep holes instead of tall humps…

The Commonwealth Games are heading for great “success”. Looks like swimming is the only sport thats going to be held since all the stadia are leaking. In addition the games committe has added Money Laundering and Washing Dirty Linen to the list of sports.

Rahul Mahajan and Rakhi Sawant are going to be appearing in a new reality show called “Extreme Swayamwar”. The show is going to be sponsored by Lalit Modi in a private capacity.

“Weasel”ing Out

3 Nov

The story line pays out again and again and again…

1. Politician Is caught with his hand in the cookie jar (or with his pants down)

2.He denies vehemently. His supporters break a few windows and burn a few buses

3. Suddenly he realizes that his game is up.

4. He then develops either chest pains or breathing problems and is taken to hospital.

By the time he gets out another of his buddies has diverted attention by doing something else…

Case in point Madhu Koda former Jharkand CM.

If only they could use half this creativity for other peoples good…

Vote Banks Vs. Peoples Lives

28 Jul

Vote banks at the cost of innocent peoples lives. That seems to be the mantra of all our politicians. How else can you explain the bombings that seem to be happening over and over and over again in city after city.

The police are NOT inept nor are the intelligence agencies. Its political pressure that ties the hands of these people and prevents them from doing their job. Its disgusting.

Bombings happen, people die, politicians express their regret, Government announces compensation, News Channels analyze everything to death.. and then we sit back and wait for the next blast.

I feel its high time citizens play a part in helping the police as well. A good method is to organize neighbourhood watches in both in residential and commercial areas to look for and report any suspicious activity. Neighbourhood watches have worked in other countries. Why not here?

I mean this is our country. Why should a few morons keep us hostage?