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Words to Live By !!

22 Feb

A couple of weeks ago, I visited a friend who was admitted to the hospital. On my way out, I decided to take the stairs (instead of the elevator) since I was just 2 floors up and anyhow the elevator was tiny and claustrophobic. Halfway down, there was an elderly gentleman who was walking down, one hand on the railing and the other hand taking the support of a walking stick. Instinctively I reach out and grab his right arm to support him. He accepted the help gratefully and both of us walk down.

“People expect me to take the elevator” he says, “..but I like to exercise when I can”. When we reached the ground floor he thanks me and then suddenly asks “Are your parent’s alive?”. It was a question that caught me off guard. “Yes..” I said..He then continued.. “If you don’t mind I will tell you something. Talk to your parents for at least five minutes a day. Ask them whether they’ve taken their medication, had their breakfast..just speak to them”…..

He paused for a while before continuing… “It will make their day more enjoyable…”

Words to live by !!!


Valet Parking – The Other Side

9 Oct

Next time you hand over your keys to the Valet for parking. Think again. You might not get your car back in one piece…

On Sept 16th a bunch of colleagues and I went out to lunch at this 4 Star Hotel. As is the norm, I handed the keys to the Valet. I normally would have my driver around, but since there were more people, I drove myself.

So we go in, finish lunch and I ask for my car. The guys at the desk are looking at each other. One guy tells me that they are having problems opening the door…another guy tells me that there are no Valets to fetch the car..

Something smells here…

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Don’t be canjoos….

2 Sep

I am still trying to figure this one out….

An example of what extent people will go to save a buck. I had an interesting experience the other night when I came back from my China visit.

The plane landed at 2:30 AM and it was nearly 3 AM when I got out of the terminal. I decided to take a Taxi home since it was so late. Because of a minor jam, the Taxi is unable to go immediately and is delayed for about 5 minutes. Heres what happened.

Taxis at Bangalore Airport are very well organized and there are plenty available. As I got into a cab a man sticks his head into the cab. I can see a lady (presumably his wife) and a youth (presumably his son). The kid had the classic bearings of a “coming home from the USA” types with a Coffee Day cup in his hand and Nike shoes specially purchased for this trip not to mention two gigantic suitcases.

So heres the conversation between the man and myself:

He (in Kannada): “What saar are you taking the taxi by yourself?”

Me: Yes

He: “Since you are travelling alone. Do you mind if we share taxi with you”

Me: “Why? Theres plenty of Taxis around”

He (totally ignoring my question): “Since you have place in Taxi,can you drop us off in Malleswaram.”

NOTE: Malleswaram is about 6 KM out of my regular route.

Me: “Have you lost your money?”

He: “No no..money is no problem as my son is US returning. But I am thinking that since you are alone in Taxi we can come with you in the Vacant seats. You are already givving money to these taxi fellows…so I thought we can get a “bitti” (free) ride ”

Me:”But I am going to Banashankari.”

He: “Its Ok. Its only a small diversion.”

Me: “Why dont you take another Cab?”

He: “That will be unecessarily spending money… since you have 3 vacant places… come on dont be Canjoos (miser)”

All this time, the US returned son is looking at me as if its my duty to drop them off. He takes one more slug of his coffee. By now I am sleepy and pissed. This guy wants a free ride home.

I look at the driver and ask him to drive all the time resisting the urge to ask the guy who the real miser was…

I leave the real canjoos behind…