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Picture of the Yellection

1 May

Could not resist this. The Bachchan family showing off their “election markers”. Didn’t someone tell them it was on a “wrong” finger? (Photo Courtesy Deccan Herald)


Political Decisions

2 Apr

Getting into the election mood. Check out the new page: Vote for Capt. Gopinath

Have some fun while you are at it and visit the Politically Incorrect Page

Close encounters of the political kind

29 Mar

So had my first encounter of the season with a politician (ex-minister). Met him at a party hosted by a friend.

Found out the party was meant to expose the aforementioned neta and his party to us friends (we did not know it when we were invited).

So while the guy is regaling us with political stories someone mentions in passing that I blog…”Sir he is a blaaager sir” .

The guy clams up for the rest of the evening…no more political escapades.. damn !!!!

Anyway he has told us that the party contesting this election based on issues like Yekanaamic Development, Auntie Terror, Haaanesty, and Naaan Corruption (I think he meant ensuring that Naan Rotis dont get spoilt)…

I am feeling sooooo safe with all the assurances… now please excuse me.. a bunch us us have decided to go beat up on our good friend…

Club Elections

27 May

Talking of Elections, the next set of Elections in Bangalore are Club elections. While they lack the scale, theres the same intensity. Here theres less money and more ego.

Come last week of June, Bangalore Club, Century Club, Bangalore Golf Club, Karnataka Golf Association etc all have their elections. Being member to more than one, you find the same old faces requesting you for votes across the various clubs.

Its good timepass. As I said the scale is small.. but theres drama.

My favorite Club Election story is about a certain Doctor.

So this guy is a friend of my dads. He has this “interesting” behaviour. When I am with my Dad, he talks to me all nice and cheery. But when I run into him on my own, he looks through me.

Few years ago he stood for election. He meets me in the club and asks me to vote for him (during elections I guess he talked to every one) . I say “Ok”… on the outside.. Inside I am like “No way”.. Come election day I vote for someone else.

The Result: He loses by ONE vote 😀

Here they come

3 May

Well. . . Well. . Hadn’t seen any of my area’s ‘Netas’ till now. These days I see them or their reps everyday. The reason. . . Elections are near.

They come in the afternoon.. disturb my weekend siesta. “Vote for progess” they say. “Our candidate will yensure that you will see laaat of pragress”…the candidate himself (if hes around) is standing around like a blushing bride.

Narrating his experience, my friend told me that one of the candidates’ actually expected to be invited indoors. One of his sidekicks asked him “Yen saar.. sahebraNNa mane valoge invite madolva?” (“What sir arent you going to invite the sahib in”). To which his answer was “Illa” (“No”).

Unfortunately I havent seen the Rs. 2 rice yet. Nor have I been offered the television.

Promises Promises !!!!

You need a voters card… but how?

17 Apr

Voting might be your fundamental right. However getting on the voting list isn’t.

Veena Shivanna has this to narrate:

It’s been almost 6 months since I moved to Mysore. My regular habits of going through news paper, browsing blogs have been helping me to know more about Bangalore in a daily manner.

 Well, who doesn’t know about the elections and all the woes around it. This is been the third time we are submitting Form 6 for getting names added to the voter’s list in Bangalore. Finally downloaded the form from the website (http://ceokarnataka.kar.nic.in) and got them submitted to the corporation office ( my husband got to go there for the first time for the whole of his life and he had to discover the route this time)!

Finally the first list of the voters had our names. More than that was I could check it on the website. That was fantastic.

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Of Polls and Promises

15 Apr

Ok, its the poll season again. Newspaper reports say that crime rates have dipped because all the goons are getting ready for elections. Of course just like the cases against them theres no evidence to prove this.

Parties are promising rice for Rs.2 a kilo, reservations and quotas for the historically supressed, free television etc etc.

So dear Politician, my future leader, heres some poll promises that I’d like (readers please add your own):

1. Don’t come home to campaign. Put a leaflet in my mailbox. I dont want to shake your hand.

2. Promise not to scare me with pictures of you and your supporters. I dont want to see a picture of you cuddling a child.

3. Please let me know how and where I can pick up my color TV.

4. Please dont have any of those rallies UNLESS you have an item number performance by Rakhi Sawant… and NO DONT JOIN IN !!!

5. When you bring in your leaders from Delhi, can you please please have them say Karnataka and NOT Karnatak and Kannada not Kannad.